New features in v5.1.8 [10-Sept-2021]

- Object Browser: added possibility to alpha sort entities and views via contextual menu

- Command-Line Interface: added possibility to open Model Compare & Merge in GUI from command line with --gui=true argument

- Custom properties multi-select dropdown: added tooltip display

- Custom properties dependency structure: added possibility to use an array of values in place of more convoluted "or" syntax

- Custom properties: added "requiredProperty" for display of a red star next to label

- DDL reverse-engineering: added support for views based on tables with aliases, select statements with wildcard, and unsupported references 

- Delta Lake: refactored reverse-engineering for higher performance by batching Scala commands


New features in v5.1.7 [04-Sept-2021]

- BigQuery: added support with a new plugin with full support for forward-engineering of DDL scripts, and reverse-engineering

- Command-Line Interface compMod command: added argument --mergeDeletesasDeactivated to deactivate merged object instead of deleting it

- Custom properties fieldList control: added tooltip display

- Model Compare & Merge: added options for flexible selection in case of multiple data types

- JSON Schema preview and forward-engineering: added use of technical names and dot.notation in nested objects 


- Hive: added read-on "view on" property to display multiple referenced tables

- Mongoose reverse-engineering: added support for Map data type


New features in v5.1.6 [27-Aug-2021]

- Compare and Merge: added viewing of index differences, and other properties pane tabs

- Added validation of file path and name input in model compare and API model template selection dialogs

- XSD import for RDDBMS targets: use maxLength as char column length

- Hive: added reverse-engineering of view columns with CAST function

- Hive: added support for view columns with aliases

- Synapse: implemented Azure Active Directory authentication with MFA


New features in v5.1.5 [20-Aug-2021]

- Excel: added import of views

- XSD reverse-engineering: added conversion of keys with "XAK" prefix into unique keys for migration of models from erwin

- Documentation: added handling of block controls inside group controls

- MarkLogic: added collection name matcher option in reverse-engineering connection parameters

- Synapse: added MFA support to the Active Directory authentication method


New features in v5.1.4 [16-Aug-2021]

- Tech refresh of Electron (v13.1.9), NodeJS (v14.17.0), Chromium (v91), React (v17), and Electron-related modules

- XSD reverse-engineering: added support for import of <xs:keyref> into relationships, plus additional fine-tuning

- Fixed unexpected closing of DDL worker on Mac

- MarkLogic: added use of global query timeout, plus enhanced getting collection list if specified

- Azure SQL: added login with email-like username

- Synapse: added login with email-like username, plus added Azure Active Directory authentication method


New features in v5.1.3 [10-Aug-2021]

- Colors: added color picker on properties pane options tab for containers, entities, and views

- Font style: added controls for italic and bold font for container, entity, attributes and views

- Excel: added export/import of color hex codes and font styles for bulk edit or conditional formatting

- Excel: improved error information to help troubleshooting when parent structure is missing in import of complex objects

- Save As Obfuscated: added custom properties to process

- Indexes: where applicable, added possibility to deactivate index so it does not appear in scripts or gets commented out, if possible: ArangoDB, Cassandra, Cosmos DB (Core SQL, Gremlin, and Mongo APIs), Couchbase, DynamoDB, Hive, JanusGraph, MariaDB, MarkLogic, MongoDB, Neo4j, ScyllaDB, SQL Server, Synapse, TinkerPop


New features in v5.1.2 [30-Jul-2021]

- Colors: added possibility to change color of attributes in ER Diagram and Object Browser

- Added option in Tools > Options > Forward-engineering to disable structured path for JSON documents and JSON Schema

- Added a warning dialog to enable lineage capture if reverse-engineering of DDL is for migration from RDBMS

- Schema inference during reverse-engineering of JSON documents and databases: supplemented detection of pattern fields when using ID-like keys

- Model API: greyed out deactivated entities in object selection dialog

- Command-Line Interface: added forwEng arguments to allow publication of Avro and JSON Schemeleca to schema registries (Confluent, Pulsar, Azure for Event Hubs)

- Collibra: added publishing via Command-Line Interface to Data Dictionary

- Collibra: added warning when not all entities are selected for synchronization

- Collibra: enabled publishing of schema definitions of EventBridge, OpenAPI, and Swagger

- Pulsar: added ability to forward-engineer schemas via Command-Line Interface


New features in v5.1.1 [23-Jul-2021]

- Model compare and Merge: added indeterminate state for partial uncheck of checkbox (now tri-state)

- Model compare and Merge: adjusted trim of long path model names, plus added tooltip

- Improved rendering of large ERD models

- Collibra: added forward-engineering of foreign keys in subschemas

- Pulsar: added Command-Line Interface reverse-engineering

- SQL Server/Azure SQL: added support for forward-engineering of combined schemas,  and of all schemas into a single file


New features in v5.1.0 [17-Jul-2021]

- Collibra Data Dictionary integration.  Requires specific license option.  See more info at

- Docker containers: for the purpose of running the Command-Line Interface in CI/CD pipelines.   Requires concurrent license key.  See full instructions at

- Pulsar Schema Registry: added ability to forward- and reverse-engineer Avro and JSON Schema

- Lineage capture: added container information to attribute lineage for reverse-engineering, Excel import, etc.

- Custom properties: added defaultValue in configuration controls

- DynamoDB: added logic to update table if it already exists when applying to instance


New features in v5.0.8 [09-Jul-2021]

- ERD drag-and-drop: enhanced tolerance for dropping into an empty entity for both move (drag-and-drop) and copy (Ctrl+drag-and-drop)

- DynamoDB: added ability to apply forward-engineering scripts to instance

- DynamoDB: added support for single-table storage, using views (a.k.a. facets in NoSQL Workbench.)  These views cannot be forward-engineered to DynamoDB, or derived through reverse-engineering, as the concept does not exist.  It however makes it easy to visualize and document access patterns

- MongoDB: added read-only view pipeline edition after reverse-engineering from DDL


New features in v5.0.7 [02-Jul-2021]

- DynamoDB: added support for table groups

- Postgres DDL reverse-engineering: added handling for ONLY keyword in ALTER TABLE statements

- Cosmos DB-Gremlin: reverse-engineering of nested objects in JSON and JSON Schema now results in their normalization, given that the database does not support complex data types

- Delta Lake on Databricks: modified message when cluster is unavailable

- Neptune-Gremlin: reverse-engineering of nested objects in JSON and JSON Schema now results in their normalization, given that the database does not support complex data types

- OpenAPI/Swagger/EventBridge: added tolerance for lines commented with # during-reverse-engineering

- OpenAPI/EventBridge: removed empty requestBody for GET and DELETE requests during forward-engineering


New features in v5.0.6 [25-Jun-2021]

- Avro: added namespace property "Schema group name" for Azure Schema Registry

- Azure Schema Registry for Avro: added ability to fetch Schema Groups 

- Cassandra DataStax: removed WITH OPTIONS when creating SAI indexes if options are empty

- Cassandra DataStax on Astra: disabled possibility to define search indexes which are not currently supported by Astra

- Cassandra DataStax: added possibility to reverse-engineer custom and search indexes from .cql files

- MongoDB: maintain field order in index creation script for deactivated fields


New features in v5.0.5 [18-Jun-2021]

- ERD drag-and-drop: added possibility to drop into an empty entity or an empty complex attribute (object or array)

- Lineage capture: added container level information to event tracing

- Azure Schema Registry: added possibility to reverse-engineer schemas created via Azure portal console

- Avro: added validator in model level script tab prior to applying to schema registries

- Cosmos DB Gremlin: improved error message when specified endpoint is incorrect during forward-engineering to instance

- MariaDB: implemented possibility to apply DDL script to instance

- SQL targets: re-ordered DDL scripts to ensure that Foreign Key creations relate to previously created tables

- Snowflake: added possibility to select combined vs individual schemas from Tools > Forward-Engineering and Command-Line Interface


New features in v5.0.4 [11-Jun-2021]

- Neptune with Gremlin API: added support with new plugin, including forward-engineering of schema and sample graph via Gremlin script, plus traditional reverse-engineering

- ERD: added handle to drag-and-drop attributes (can be hidden with Display Options toolbar icon of View menu).  Use ctrl+mouse click to move or copy multiple attributes

- Tools > Options > Naming Conventions: added ability to refresh CSV abbreviation file without necessity to restart the application

- Toolbar: grouped various display options under a new icon

- View menu: grouped display options

- MongoDB: removed filter for inclusion in JSON Schema full/extended of properties from properties tabs: users, indexes, sharding

- Cassandra/ScyllaDB: removed filter for inclusion in JSON Schema full/extended of properties from properties tab secondary indexes

- Cassandra on Astra: added possibility for token-based authorization

- Snowflake: added possibility to forward-engineer all schemas so as to allow foreign keys across multiple schemas


New features in v5.0.3 [07-Jun-2021]

- Avro: added ability to forward- and reverse-engineer with Azure Schema Registry for EventHub

- JanusGraph: added support with new plugin, including forward-engineering of schema and sample graph via Gremlin script, plus traditional reverse-engineering

- Lineage: added tracking of Foreign Key relationships during denormalization

- Cassandra: added filtering of invalid clustering keys during forward-engineering

- Delta Lake: added retrieval of table BLOOMFILTER INDEX options and NOT NULL columns during reverse-engineering

- JSON Schema draft conversion of Sample property in draft-04 to Examples in older drafts, and vice-versa

- MongoDB pipeline views: use technical names when present


New features in v5.0.2 [28-May-2021]

- Compare and merge models: adjusted sizing of dialog with high-resolution screens

- Added option "Start a New Application Instance" from the File menu

- Properties Pane: added automatic scroll to focus on relationship selected in Object Browser

- Reverse-engineering of DDLs and XSDs: no longer overwriting the model name after first file

- Couchbase: adjust reverse-engineering of indexes with special characters in passwords

- Couchbase: fine-tuned sampling query for Enterprise Edition instances with large buckets

- Delta Lake: adjusted document sampling

- Delta Lake: added forward-engineering of CREATE BLOOMFILTER INDEX statement to instance 

- Glue Data Catalog: added possibility to reverse-engineer from .hql files

- MariaDB: added reverse-engineering of unique and primary options from DDL file


New features in v5.0.1 [21-May-2021]

- Delta Lake on Databricks: added support with a new plugin (compatible with Azure Databricks, Databricks on AWS, and on Google Cloud), with full support for forward-engineering of HiveQL scripts, and reverse-engineering including inference of JSON in longtext

- ERD and schema hierarchical view: added toolbar button to toggle between technical and business names; added documentation control and CLI genDoc command argument 

- ERD zoom in: function now takes center of display instead of top left of canvas as reference for zoom operation, whether from toolbar button or ctrl+mouse wheel

- Forward-Engineering of sample document, schema or script: added Toots > Options > FE parameter to skip folder when container level is undefined

- Reverse-Engineering object picker dialog: added horizontal scrollbar for long file structures and names in cloud storage

- Reverse-Engineering object picker dialog: added support for periods in file names

- DDL reverse-engineering: added support for comment constraints on foreign key relationships (PostgreSQL and Redshift only, as not supported in other dialects)

- Model Compare and Merge: added auto-selecting/deselecting child objects when their parent has added/deleted difference type

- Cosmos DB (SQL API, and Gremlin API): added support for serverless instances

- Redshift: added optional sessionToken connection


New features in v5.0.0 [15-May-2021]

- Full support for features of JSON Schema specifications draft-06, draft-07 and 2019-09, in addition of draft-04 upon which Hackolade was originally built

- JSON: added reverse-engineering from cloud storage: Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage

- JSON: added support for forward- and reverse-engineering with Confluent Schema Schema Registry

- Compare and Merge Models: added 2 distinct views: the compare view with 2 side-by-side panes, and the merge view which displays 3 panes including a merged model pane in between the left- and right-hand models