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    Connect to Synapse


    Data Plane

    In the Hackolade connection settings dialog for Synapse, give a meaningful name to the connection, choose the source (on-prem/cloud or Azure SQL Database), then set the database name, the host and port:


    Synapse connection settings


    then enter your username/password:

    Synapse connection authentication





    Alternatively, you may choose to provide a connection string which includes: host, port, username and password:

    Synapse Connection String




    If you choose Azure Active Directory, you must also specify your "Tenant ID" (how-to find your tenant ID?


    Synapse Azure AD Directory tenant ID

    please also consult:


    with MFA:



    Control Plane

    The REST API connection should be enabled and all the proper parameters provided if you wish for Hackolade to retrieve additional Azure metadata such as: tags, location and region replication, automatic failover, virtual network filter and rules, and IP-range filter. 


    Synapse Data Plane dialog



    First, you must provide the Resource Group Name and Subscription ID of Cosmos DB instance, as found in the Overview screen of the Comos DB instance. More information here.

    Synapse - Azure instance overview screen


    Next, the Hackolade application must be registered so Azure accepts the REST API calls, as per these instructions.  The Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID are retrieved are retrieved from the App registration Overview screen:

    Synapse - Azure App registration overview


    Note: it is critical to assign the proper role to the application just registered.  This is done following the steps outlined here

    Synapse- Azure IAM role assignment


    Finally, the Application secret is obtained from the Certificates & secrets screen of the App registration: 

    Synapse - Azure App registration secrets scr


    If you don't know how to generate some of the above values, you may want to consult this document.