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    Open a local repository

    If you already have a local copy of the remote repository, then you just need to (re-)open it. No need to clone it again.


    You have different options for opening a local repository in Hackolade Studio:

    • choose Repository > Open Local Repository in the the top menu;
    • use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O (Cmd+Shift+O on MacOS);
    • open the repository context, select "This computer" as source, and click the "Browse" button;
    • click the "Open local repository" button in the main pane.



    Hackolade Studio remembers previously opened repositories.  So you have additional options if you had previously opened that repository:

    • choose Repository > Open Recent Repository in the the top menu;
    • open the Repository Context, select "This computer" as source, and open the "Repository" drop-down. 


    Note that Hackolade Studio automatically reopens the last repository by default when starting the application. You may disable this behavior in Tools > Options > Repository.