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    Connect to a CockroachDB instance

    Important: when reverse-engineering a CockroachDB instance, non-privileged users can see the metadata of only their own objects, so to access others you need to be be granted the role USAGE.   It more granularity is necessary, here are the full details:

    1) SELECT privileges on all tables in `pg_catalog` schema (is default and included in PUBLIC role).

    2) Schemas: CREATE or USAGE privilege.

    3) Tables: SELECT or REFERENCES or TRIGGER privilege.

    4) Columns: SELECT or REFERENCES privilege.

    5) Views: SELECT or REFERENCES or TRIGGER privilege.

    6) Function: EXECUTE privilege.

    7) Domains: USAGE privilege.


    More information is available here.

    The CockroachDB instance can be hosted on-premises, or on virtualized machines in a private or public cloud.  


    In the Hackolade connection settings dialog, give a meaningful name to the connection, then set the the host and port, and an optional database name if you wish to limit the scope of the discovery.


    PostgreSQL connection settings


    If required, you may enter your username and password