One great added-value of Hackolade is the ability to leave generate a detail report of the schema model.

This feature is also available via the Command-Line Interface.

Currently the following formats are available:

- PDF for all editions

- HTML for the Pro editions (free 14-trial and paid)

In Tools > Options > Documentations, the user can control the different sections to include in the documentation:

and select a company logo to appear at the top of the reports.

When you generate documentation, it is first saved to the file system, and it will open automatically.  The file contains:

1. Model

a. Entity Relationship diagram

b. properties

2. For each collection

       a. tree diagram

       b. properties

       c. fields, and for each field:

               1. sub-tree diagram

               2. properties

3. For each relationship

       a. relationship diagram

       b. properties

Select objects

Before generation of the documentation, you're given the opportunity to filter objects and select only the desired ones: