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    Neptune with Gremlin API

    As you develop the model for your Neptune-Gremlin graph database, with vertex labels and edge labels, Hackolade dynamically generates the corresponding Gremlin script.


    The script can also be exported to the file system via the menu Tools > Forward-Engineering, or via the Command-Line Interface.


    The information can be viewed in the Gremlin script tab.  The script can be applied to the Neptune instance via the an EC2 instance and following instructions on this page.


    Neptune-Gremlin script forward-engineering


    By pressing the button "Apply to instance" the system will automatically create graph vertices and edges by example.


    Or you may apply these scripts to a Gremlin directly to the selected instance with the menu option Tools > Forward-Engineering > Gremlin script:

    Neptune-Gremlin forward-engineering menu