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    Explore stashed changes

    When you open a local repository and choose Explore repository > Stashes in the left menu, you get a table listing all the uncommitted changes you might have stashed for later reuse.


    Each stash can be reviewed, applied back to uncommitted changes, or dropped.

    Workgroup explore stashes

    In the example above, the user has already stashed 2 different change sets, with their respective creation date and description. Clicking on a stash in the table opens a bottom pane that provides more details and actions.  You can for example review the changes that are contained in the selected stash. 

    Apply a stash

    You can apply the changes in a stash.  When doing so, you may chose between deleting the stash after apply (default), or keeping it for later reuse (e.g. on another branch).


    Workgroup explore stashes without conflict


    When you don't need a stash anymore, you can drop it.

    Workgroup explore stashes and drop

    Resolve conflicts

    When applying changes from a stash, you might face some conflicts between those changes and the content of your active branch (e.g. if you have committed some changes after creating the stash and before applying it.)  Hackolade Studio detects this situation and offers the same conflict resolution options as for the other actions.

    Workgroup explore stashes solve conflicts

    Note that Hackolade Studio never deletes a stash that caused conflicts. This gives you the opportunity to re-apply the stash in case you end up not being satisfied with the results of the conflict resolution option that you chose.