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Confluent Schema Registry

Kafka Confluent Schema Registry design tool

Visual editor for Avro and JSON Schema in Kafka

The Confluent Schema Registry is a central repository with a RESTful interface for developers to define standard schemas and register applications to enable compatibility. Data models defined in Hackolade for Avro schema and JSON Schema structures can be forward-engineered to or reverse-engineered from the Confluent Schema Registry, thereby facilitating the schema management and validation of Kafka pub/sub messages.

Interactions with the Confluent Schema Registry are available directly from JSON Schema models or Avro models in Hackolade.

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Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry

Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry design editor

Build better event-driven serverless applications

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easy to connect applications together using data from applications. The EventBridge Schema Registry gives you the ability to control and manage the lifecycle of schemas for your microservices and events. Hackolade leverages the visual schema-centric approach of its OpenAPI 3 plugin to support the creation and maintenance of EventBridge schemas. Hackolade dynamically generates the schema so it can be applied to your Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry. It also lets you perform reverse-engineering of your registry, and create HTML or PDF documentation.

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Azure Schema Registry for Event Hubs

Azure Schema Registry editor

Visual editor for Avro schemas in Event Hubs

The Azure Schema Registry is a feature of Event Hubs, providing a central system of record for schemas used in event-driven and messaging-centric applications. It provides the flexibility for producer and consumer applications to exchange data without having to manage and share the schema between them, and also to evolve under different schedules. The Azure Schema Registry also provides a simple governance framework for reusable schemas and defines the relationship between schemas through a grouping construct (schema groups).

Interactions with the Azure Schema Registry are available directly from Avro schema models in Hackolade.

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AWS Glue Data Catalog

AWS Glue Data Catlog table design data modeling

Visual editor for the Glue Data Catalog table structures

The AWS Glue Data Catalog is a fully managed, Apache Hive 2.x metadata repository for all data assets of your Glue ETL, regardless of where they are located. The Data Catalog contains table definitions, job definitions, and other control information to help manage a AWS Glue ans NoSQL DB environment.

Hackolade was specially adapted to support the data modeling of the the AWS Glue Data Catalog, including Glue metadata and Hive primitive and complex datatypes, and producing both AWS CLI commands and HQL Create Table syntax. The application closely follows the Hive terminology and storage structure.

You can also reverse-engineer existing your Glue Data Catalog to produce a graphical representation of your assets.

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AWS Glue Data Catalog plugin details

Pulsar Schema Registry

Pulsar Schema Registry editor

Coordinate the structure of topics for your message bus

With schemas for your Avro and JSON, every single piece of data traveling through the system is completely discoverable, enabling to build systems that can easily adapt as the data changes. The Pulsar registry keeps track of data compatibility between versions of the schema.

Interactions with the Confluent Schema Registry are available directly from JSON Schema models or Avro models in Hackolade.

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