Polyglot Data Modeling

for NoSQL databases, storage formats, REST APIs, and JSON in RDBMS

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Visual schema design for data-at-rest and data-in-motion

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Schemas are everywhere!

Design schemas and publish in 3 easy steps

Design high-performing
data structures

Design your tables, collections, and graphs, attributes and their data types, descriptions and constraints, using a visual representation of nested structures.

Polyglot data modeling
Optimize with dynamic schema evolution during agile cycles

Link entities logically. Keep track of implicit relationships and denormalization. For each database or protocol technology, add the required metadata. Or reverse-engineer from dev or prod instances.

Schema design features
Publish your schemas
and documentation

Generate MongoDB validator, CQL, HQL, DDLs for relational, REST APIs, JSON Schema, Avro, Parquet, etc… Plus human-readable documentation in HTML, Markdown, or PDF.

Data modeling use cases

Our benefits

Leverage the power of visual data modeling

Data structures and relationships should not be hidden inside application code. They should be available to teams for a 360˚ view of the system landscape. A picture is worth a 1000 words, and our unique handling of Entity Relationship Diagrams helps visualize deeply nested structures of modern data.
power of visual data modeling

Engage the dialog between analysts,
architects, designers, developers, and DBAs

Evaluate alternatives, recognize potential hurdles early to reduce rework later. Facilitate troubleshooting and evolution to respond to growth and customer needs. Achieve greater transparency and control, resulting in reduced development time, increased application quality, and lower execution risks across the enterprise.
 dialog between analysts, architects, designers, developers, and DBAs

Facilitate data governance

Compensate for the usual lack of documentation and native referential integrity of NoSQL databases. Companies with privacy-related data in NoSQL databases can use Hackolade to demonstrate their proper handling with just a few steps: reverse-engineer their databases, identify attributes and fields concerned, generate documentation, then monitor daily that compliance is maintained.
data governance

Powerful tool to design, document, and
communicate data models and schemas

Friendly user interface
Friendly user interface
reverse-engineering forward-engineering
Reverse- and forward-engineering
of data models
Visual data model navigation
Visual data model navigation
generates schemas, DDLs, scripts
Generate target-specific artifacts:
schemas, DDLs, scripts
Hierarchical schema diagram editing
Hierarchical schema diagram editing
human-readable documentation//in HTML, Markdown, or PDF format
Produce human-readable documentation
in HTML, Markdown, or PDF format
JSON nesting of sub-objects and polymorphism
Specifically designed for nesting of
sub-objects and polymorphism
Windows, MacOS, Linux
Runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux

What our customers say

Absolutely superb! This is how software should be! Please pass on my applause for the team. You guys seem to be really on your game. Seriously, well done!
Graeme Buntin, CTO, Wellwise

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