Professional Services for the
Deployment of a Successful Data Strategy

The challenges when deploying Hackolade Studio company-wide are unrelated to the feature set of the application. They generally are linked to change management around the systems, processes, and best practices for Data Modeling in the context of a modern data stack.

Data Modelers trained in relational databases discover a new world when faced with NoSQL databases, event-driven architecture patterns, micro-services, data meshes, pub/sub pipelines, APIs, etc. Of course, they need a next-gen tool like Hackolade Studio to support these new needs. The challenge is not in operating the tool itself, but in embedding the tool in an environment that will enable you to achieve business objectives when there are so many new skills to master.

Several customers have asked us if we could assist with the deployment of their data strategy across the organization, leveraging our opinionated vision:

This vision has been inspired along the way by several books and articles by ThoughtWorks in general, and more specifically by Martin Fowler and Pramod Sadalage.

So it is only natural that, when looking for a partner to help our customers deploy Hackolade Studio with best practices, we turned to an organization with deep understanding of data strategy challenges and solutions. A partner who would be aligned with our vision.

We highly recommend customers to deploy their data strategy, data modeling processes, best practices, and Hackolade Studio with the assistance of:


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