Download and install Hackolade

In this video, you see how to get going with Hackolade in barely more than 2 minutes.

Hackolade quick tour

This video provides a tour of the application, and a review of the user interface

Reverse-engineering of a MongoDB instance

The application performs a statistical sampling of each collection, followed by a probabilistic inference of the fields in the documents sampled. Finally, it transforms it into a Hackolade schema. You're now ready to enrich the model with comments and contraints. You can declare and document implicit relationships. In the end, you get a visual representation that lets you easily query the database and perform a better analysis of the data.

Create a model from scratch and perform forward-engineering

Create a model from scratch, then generate a MongoDB createCollection script with validation, a Mongoose schema, or a detailed documentation in PDF.

SQL DDL reverse-engineering and denormalization assistance

In this video, we reverse-engineer a DDL for the Northwind relational database, then we denormalize it in order to leverage the power of NoSQL document DBs and JSON.