Download and install Hackolade

In this video, you see how to get going with Hackolade in barely more than 2 minutes.

Hackolade quick tour

This video provides a tour of the application, and a review of the user interface

Reverse-engineering of a MongoDB instance

The application performs a statistical sampling of each collection, followed by a probabilistic inference of the fields in the documents sampled. Finally, it transforms it into a Hackolade schema. You're now ready to enrich the model with comments and contraints. You can declare and document implicit relationships. In the end, you get a visual representation that lets you easily query the database and perform a better analysis of the data.
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Create a model from scratch and perform forward-engineering

Create a model from scratch, then generate a MongoDB createCollection script with validation, a Mongoose schema, or a detailed documentation in PDF.
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SQL DDL reverse-engineering and denormalization assistance

In this video, we reverse-engineer a DDL for the Northwind relational database, then we denormalize it in order to leverage the power of NoSQL document DBs and JSON.
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Re-usable object definitions

In this video session, we explain in detail the handy feature of Hackolade to facilitate the work of data modelers: it provides the ability to create - once - object definitions that can be re-used in multiple places
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Naming Conventions

In this video session, we explain in detail a new Hackolade feature that lets you maintain both a ‘business name’ and a ‘technical name’ for model objects. This feature can be useful if the database target has attribute length limitations for example, or if you wish to store abbreviated field names in the database, while keeping detailed names for documentation purposes.
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Collaboration and Version Control

In this video session, we explain in detail how to leverage the capabilities of Git, to easily collaborate and manage changes in your Hackolade models. We will only go over very basic processes without covering Git advanced features such as forks, branches, pull requests, etc… which would be outside the scope of this video.
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O'Reilly Safari video course: NoSQL Data Modeling using an Agile Approach

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O'Reilly Safari video course: Agile Query-Driven Data Modeling for NoSQL

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