Hackolade download install video

Download and install Hackolade

In this video, you see how to get going with Hackolade in barely more than 2 minutes.

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Quick tour overview video Hackolade

Hackolade quick tour

This video provides a tour of the application, and a review of the user interface=

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Data modeling reverse-engineering MongoDB video

Reverse-engineering of a MongoDB instance

The application performs a statistical sampling of each collection, followed by a probabilistic inference of the fields in the documents sampled. Finally, it transforms it into a Hackolade schema. You're now ready to enrich the model with comments and constraints. You can declare and document implicit relationships. In the end, you get a visual representation that lets you easily query the database and perform a better analysis of the data. More info

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Create Hackolade model forward-engineering video

Create a model from scratch and perform forward-engineering

Create a model from scratch, then generate a MongoDB createCollection script with validation, a Mongoose schema, or a detailed documentation in PDF. More info

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SQL DDL reverse-engineering denormalization video

SQL DDL reverse-engineering and denormalization assistance

In this video, we reverse-engineer a DDL for the Northwind relational database, then we denormalize it in order to leverage the power of NoSQL document DBs and JSON. More info

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re-usable object definitions video

Re-usable object definitions

In this video session, we explain in detail the handy feature of Hackolade to facilitate the work of data modelers: it provides the ability to create - once - object definitions that can be re-used in multiple places. More info Online documentation

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Hackolade naming conventions video

Naming Conventions

In this video session, we explain in detail a new Hackolade feature that lets you maintain both a ‘business name’ and a ‘technical name’ for model objects. This feature can be useful if the database target has attribute length limitations for example, or if you wish to store abbreviated field names in the database, while keeping detailed names for documentation purposes. More info Online documentation

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collaboration version control video

Collaboration and Version Control

In this video session, we explain in detail how to leverage the capabilities of Git, to easily collaborate and manage changes in your Hackolade models. We will only go over very basic processes without covering Git advanced features such as forks, branches, pull requests, etc… which would be outside the scope of this video. More info Online documentation

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Schema-centric API design Swagger OpenAPI video

Schema-centric API design with Swagger and OpenAPI

In this video session, we explain how to visually design a REST API using Swagger or OpenAPI, using Hackolade's schema-centric approach. Online documentation

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Data Modeling is Dead... Long Live Schema Design Cassandra DataStax video

Data Modeling is Dead... Long Live Schema Design!

DataStax Accelerate conference: When it comes to managing data for modern, agile environments, is data modeling a roadblock? Or is it in fact one of the keys to achieving agility? If traditional data modeling will no longer support what businesses need today, what are the alternatives? Related blogpost

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ER2020 NoSQL Data Modeling in Practice video

NoSQL Data Modeling in Practice

CoMoNoS 2020: 1st Workshop on Conceptual Modeling for NoSQL Data Stores Co-located with the ER 2020 conference.
View slides

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Model-Driven API Generation video

Increase API Quality and Consistency with Model-Driven API Generation

In this demo session, you’ll see how NoSQL schema designs based on access patterns can be converted into full API specifications with a few mouse clicks, to serve as a basis for API-driven development. A customizable API template lets users control the output configuration and create APIs that customers and developers will love. View slides

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Cosmos DB Conference data modeling schema design video

Data modeling and schema design for Cosmos DB

Facilitate migration from RDBMS to Cosmos DB through denormalization to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and easy evolution of schemas for Cosmos DB.

In this session, we will demonstrate how data modeling helps harness the power of Cosmos DB, resulting in reduced development time, increased application quality, and lower execution risks across the enterprise.

Collibra Data Dictionary Integration

Collibra Data Dictionary Integration

Collibra and Hackolade have teamed up to develop an integration of their solutions so that schema designs performed in Hackolade Studio and visual Entity-Relationship diagrams can be easily deployed to Collibra. Data Citizens add business context to create a unified view of all data assets, no matter the data storage or data exchange technology. Learn more

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Studio3T data migration SQL to MongoDB

Migration from SQL to MongoDB with Studio3T

Studio 3T makes it possible to easily migrate either selected tables or an entire SQL database into MongoDB Atlas using the SQL Migration tool. And now, with Hackolade integration, both work in concert to enable easy, trackable, scheduled migrations from legacy SQL systems to modern data platforms like MongoDB Atlas.

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