The Hackolade roadmap foresees specific versions to support workgroup collaboration, assuming the base version is successful commercially, and that the market needs this feature.  But what can be done in the meantime?

It was a design choice from the start to store Hackolade data, not only in JSON format (so as to eat our own dog food...), but also in a non-proprietary text based form.  This choice enables easy tracking, control, and versioning of model changes in Hackolade.

1. Sign up and setup a repository on Bitbucket or equivalent

2. Download a GUI client for Git:  SourceTree or any other equivalent client

3. Clone your repository into a local directory in which you'll be keeping your Hackolade models

4. Use the combination of your Git client and Hackolade to manage the lifecycle of your models

    • your Git client to fetch, pull, branch, checkout
    • Hackolade to create and modify models
    • your Git client to commit and push, view differences
    • at this stage, merging and conflict resolutions would need to be performed (carefully) in a manual way... until a Workgroup edition of Hackolade is released.