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    Colors and font styles

    Colors and font styles can be customized and applied to different types of objects in an Entity-Relationship Diagram:

    - containers (databases, schemas, keyspaces, namespaces, ..)

    - entities (tables, collections, documents, ...)

    - attributes (fields, columns, ...)


    You may wish to use colors and font styles to highlight a particular condition or situation, specify domains, etc.  


    Note: to do bulk editing of colors and font styles, you may wish to export your model to Excel, perform the needed formatting in Excel, then re-import the template back into your hackolade model.


    Options tab

    For containers and attributes, the options tab in the Properties Pane allows you to modify the color and font style, where the font style allows you to enable italic and/or bold

    Options tab colors and font style



    For entities you may also disable the default auto-height and auto-width of entity boxes in the ERD:

    Entities options tab


    Color picker

    The color picker dialog let's you choose a predefined color, or to enter a hexadecimal color code.


    Color picker


    Font style

    You may toggle the Italic and Bold buttons for the desired style:

    Font style