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    JSON document

    If you open a JSON document from the file system, Hackolade will detect its nature and will execute the reverse-engineering of that document.  You will need to choose a database target for your model.


    If you wish to include the schema for a JSON document in an existing model, the process is slightly different.  With your model already opened, choose Tools > Reverse-Engineer > JSON document.  

    Tools - Reverse-Engineer - JSON document



    The process includes detection of ISO 8601 date/time/timestamp/duration in strings when target supports such data types.

    Hackolade also supports Newline Delimited JSON as described in


    The structure of a JSON document can be imported either as an entity in the Entity Relationship Diagram, or alternatively as a model definition so it could be re-used in the model:

    JSON Doc revers-engineering dailog


    If you wish to force the destination of the reverse-engineering operation, you may specify the container in which the entities should be inserted.



    For RDBMS targets, an additional option appears, that allows automatic normalization of complex data types:


    JSON reveerse-engineering dialog - normalization