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    Connect to a BigQuery instance

    To access an Google BigQuery project, Hackolade currently supports access through a Service Account associated with your Google Could project.  Credentials are loaded from a file created in the Google IAM & Admin console by your administrator.


    Give a meaningful name to the connection, optionally provide a specific project id, and reference the path and name of the key file provided by your administrator.


    BigQuery connection settings



    The Hackolade process for reverse-engineering of Google BigQuery datasets includes the execution of SQL statements to discover datasets, tables and views, columns and their data types. 


    Instructions to create a Service Account key file

    Here are the steps to follow:

    1) go to the IAM console, and choose Service Accounts in the menu

    2) select an existing project, and press the button + Create a Service Account

    3) provide the service account details, and create

    4) grant the following service account access to the project:

        - BigQuery Data Viewer: in order to be able to perform reverse-engineering


        - BigQuery Data Editor: in order to be able to forward-engineer (apply SQL script to instance)

        - BigQuery Job User: in order to be able to forward-engineer (apply SQL script to instance)



    then save the role

    5) select the action Manage Keys for the service account:

    BigQuery Service Account key creation


    and create a new key with JSON type.  The .json file gets downloaded in the browser.


    This is the file to be referenced in the connection settings dialog.