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    New features in v4.3.22 [21-May-2021]

    - Reverse-Engineering object picker dialog: added horizontal scrollbar for long file structures and names in cloud storage

    - Reverse-Engineering object picker dialog: added support for periods in file names

    - DDL reverse-engineering: added support for comment constraints on foreign key relationships (PostgreSQL and Redshift only, as not supported in other dialects)

    - Confluent Schema Registry reverse-engineering: added conflict resolution dialog

    - Cloud storage reverse-engineering of JSON documents: added possibility to combine schemas

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering: added tolerance for illegal trailing commas


    New features in v4.3.21 [14-May-2021]

    - References: added possibility to reference internal definitions of external models and JSON Schema

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: added handling of table option identifier values and comments in reverse-engineering of .cql files

    - Amazon Web Services: added optional sessionToken connection for AWS data sources (DynamoDB, Glue Data Catalog, EventBridge Schema Registry, S3 for Avro and Parquet)


    New features in v4.3.20 [07-May-2021]

    - Confluent Schema Registry: added support for Subject Name Strategy choices, and schema type -key/-value

    - Confluent Schema Registry: extended possibility to fetch more than 100 subjects

    - MariaDB: sample rows during reverse-engineering only if table is suspected to contain JSON in LONGTEXT column(s)

    - OpenAPI: added ability to export components.schemas to JSON Schema 

    - Swagger: added ability to export definitions to JSON Schema 

    - Snowflake: sample rows during reverse-engineering only if table is suspected to contain JSON in VARIANT column(s)

    - SQL Server/Azure SQL: sample rows during reverse-engineering only if table is suspected to contain JSON in (N)VARCHAR(4000) column(s)

    - Synapse: awareness of serverless SQL pool and its restrictions

    - Synapse: sample rows during reverse-engineering only if table is suspected to contain JSON in (N)VARCHAR(4000) column(s)


    New features in v4.3.19 [30-Apr-2021]

    - ER diagram views: enabled functionality in Personal Edition

    - Plugin Manager: display all available plugins, even if upgrade of core application is required for compatibility

    - Internal definitions: added handling of dependencies in JSON Schema reverse-engineering

    - JSON Schema forward- and reverse-engineering: modified handling to leverage file name as technical name, and Title keyword as business name, if different.

    - JSON Schema: added handling of choices in array items

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering: better detection of invalid JSON Schema, including invalid references

    - XSD reverse-engineering: fixed handling of minItems/maxItems

    - DynamoDB: relaxed logic to create sort key in secondary indexes

    - MongoDB: added handling of multikey index in forward- and reverse-engineering


    New features in v4.3.18 [26-Apr-2021]

    - MariaDB: added support with a new plugin, with full support for forward-engineering of DDL, and reverse-engineering including inference of JSON in longtext

    - Added icon in title of ERD entities so users can open in new tab with just one click

    - Avro with Confluent Schema Registry: added possibility to fetch and select specific version of a schema subject

    - Avro with Confluent Schema Registry: added possibility to minify schema to be applied via API

    - Hive: improved retrieval of views schema and SELECT AS statement


    New features in v4.3.17 [16-Apr-2021]

    - Avro: added support for SSL in reverse-engineering connection to Confluent Schema Registry

    - Avro: added forward-engineering to Confluent Schema Registry

    - Avro: combined doc and description properties


    New features in v4.3.16 [09-Apr-2021]

    - Find/replace: added possibility to search into properties of model objects.  Requires to choose "properties" instead of "all objects"

    - Avro: added reverse-engineering of schemas on Confluent Schema Registry cloud or on-premises

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: enhanced display of columns data types when containing JSON documents

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: disabled check of naming restrictions for JSON fields

    - Hive forward-engineering: added handling of special characters in HiveQL script

    - Hive reverse-engineering: added handling of boolean types plus select statements of views.


    New features in v4.3.15 [02-Apr-2021]

    - Find/replace: added logic to detect if Object Browser is closed

    - Couchbase: added reverse-engineering of index information from a .n1ql file

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: allowed truststore only jks connection

    - Hive: adjusted reverse-engineering of views

    - YAML: added forward- and reverse-engineering of YAML Schema


    New features in v4.3.14 [26-Mar-2021]

    - YAML: added support for reverse-engineering of YAML files into any target, and inferring the corresponding JSON Schema

    - YAML: added Command-Line Interface command revEngYaml for automated reverse-engineering of YAML files 

    - YAML: added possibility to forward-engineer data sample in YAML document format.  Also available from the Command-Line Interface

    - External definitions: added dialog to confirm user's choice of whether or not to update references when opening model 

    - Model API generation: added handling of custom properties from source model, provided that keywords match

    - Using the mouse wheel in both the ER Diagram and the hierarchical schema view:

    -- up/down: move up or down

    -- shift+up/down: move left or right

    -- ctrl+up/down: zoom in or zoom out

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: added SSH tunnel connection for cloud instances

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: now using consistency level when retrying connection and applying to instance


    New features in v4.3.13 [19-Mar-2021]

    - Added warning when opening a model if Naming Conventions file cannot be found

    - Renamed dbVendor from "Plain JSON--no DB" to "JSON"

    - Added $jsonschema format to MongoDB script, in GUI and CLI

    - MongoDB: update connection library, and enhanced srv string parsing

    - Redshift: renamed function properties keywords

    - SQL Server: updated drivers


    New features in v4.3.12 [12-Mar-2021]

    - Redshift: added support with a new plugin

    - Custom structure of model file name when saving: added <dbVendor> keyword

    - JSON Data preview and forward-engineering in case of choice (oneOf,...): except if NULL, the first subschema is always selected for the sample data

    - JSON Schema forward-engineering: added possibility to generate JSON Schema for model definitions

    - Cosmos DB with MongoDB API: added Control Pane tab in connection settings, added 3.6 protocol; added index creation; added possibility to commit sample documents to Azure instance as well as index definitions

    - Swagger/OpenAPI/EventBridge: added title property at the attribute level

    - Plain JSON target: deprecated RESTful API properties, as Swagger/OpenAPI are much more appropriate


    New features in v4.3.10 [05-Mar-2021]

    - Lineage: added possibility to enable lineage capture of model operations, including reverse-engineering from various sources, denormalization, API generation, references, copy/paste/duplicate

    - Tools > Options > General: added ability to specify the structure of model file names, using any combination and order of keywords: <modelName>, <target>, <version>, and <author>, plus fixed characters, e.g. "<modelName>-<target> <version>" or "<target> model <modelName>", etc.

    - Added ability to define Foreign Key relationship name and cardinality from the child attribute's properties pane

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: added analyzing of jks files, plus option to disable strict SSL


    New features in v4.3.9 [26-Feb-2021]

    - Tech refresh of Electron (v11.3.0), NodeJS (v12.18.3), Chromium (v87), and Electron-related modules, including support for Apple M1 chips

    - Command-Line Interface revEng command: deprecated --file argument and consolidated into --files which allows multiple

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: added truststore input parameters for Java keystore authentication

    - Hive: added reverse-engineering of HQL file

    - Snowflake: added full names for tables, and IF NOT EXISTS to DDL statements


    New features in v4.3.8 [19-Feb-2021]

    - JSON Schema: step 2 of extending support for draft-06, draft-07, and 2019-09 specs: reverse-engineering of new drafts. Still without support for additional functionality, i.e. conditional validations and other new keywords are currently ignored.

    - Reverse-engineering: added query request timeout parameter in Tools > Options, and enabled for MongoDB, Couchbase, and DynamoDB.  More targets coming progressively

    - Command-Line Interface forward-engineering: added choice of output format for MongoDB ("shell", "mongoose" ,"js") and Couchbase ("ottoman", "n1ql")

    - MongoDB reverse-engineering: added handling of partialFilterExpression in indexes

    - MongoDB forward-engineering: added ability to generate JavaScript

    - MongoDB forward-engineering: added ability to optionally include JSON data document samples in apply to instance

    - MongoDB forward-engineering: fetch document size and total index size, then export report to CSV for sizing exercise

    - MongoDB forward-engineering to Mongoose schema: added as default value for date data type


    New features in v4.3.7 [12-Feb-2021]

    - Enhanced email template in case of uncaught error so more details are provided

    - Reduced ambiguity in cardinality crows feet between 0...1 and 0..n

    - Activated plugin cache by default to speed up application startup in case of many plugins.  Can be cleared in Tools > Options > General

    - Added possibility to collapse block properties

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering with external references: added warning of no current support

    - JSON Schema: first step of extending support for draft-06, draft-07, and 2019-09 specs: forward-engineering without additional functionality.  More steps to progressively appear in upcoming releases...

    - Connection settings: added possibility to export and import with .json files or encrypted binary files.  Can be used to exchange with colleagues

    - Command-Line Interface: added possibility to reference a connection settings file

    - Avro reverse-engineering of JSON Schema: remove choice if there is only one record at the root level

    - Avro: added logicalType decorator in ERD and Object Browser

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: improved RetryPolicy and reverse-engineering logging


    New features in v4.3.6 [05-Feb-2021]

    - Added pattern field indicator (#) with tooltip in ERD and Object Browser

    - ER Diagram Views: added containers and entities in Object Browser under each respective ERDV

    - ER Diagram Views: selection with container picker is now specific to each ERDV; orthogonal distribution after creation; membership for Swagger/OpenAPI

    - Excel export/import: added disambiguation of primary key vs composite primary key for RDBMS plugins

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: added handling for composite clustering keys in reverse-engineering of .cql script file

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: removed SELECT COUNT(*) from reverse-engineering absolute sampling, and added LIMIT for COUNT(*) of relative 

    - Hive: add use of krb5 library to retrieve Kerberos token using keytab in HTTP mode (Windows)

    - Snowflake: added support for case-sensitive quoted names, plus minor SQL adjustments in forward-engineering


    New features in v4.3.5 [29-Jan-2021]

    - Reverse-engineering from DB instances into existing model: added conflict resolution dialog letting user decide between keep both, replace, merge, or cancel

    - Command-Line Interface: added conflict resolution to revEng command

    - Apply script to Couchbase instance: added tolerance for existing documents and indexes

    - Avro: added handling of definitions in array items

    - Avro: added handling of JSON Schema pattern properties

    - Print Diagram: fixed empty preview for large models with PNG output

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering: added handling of internal definition identical to existing external definition in model


    New features in v4.3.4 [22-Jan-2021]

    - Reverse-Engineering from JSON Schema, JSON documents, DDL, XSD: optionally designate the destination container for the entities.  This will overwrite the entity name in the source file, if any.  Available both in GUI and in CLI.

    - Couchbase: added support for primary and secondary indexes

    - Couchbase: added script tab in N1QL syntax with forward-engineering by example with sample documents by document type, plus indexes 

    - Couchbase: added ability to apply forward-engineering script to instance

    - Cosmos DB with Gremlin API: added split pane display of Gremlin and CosmoS DB scripts

    - MarkLogic: added handling of indexes, in the Properties Pane, reverse-engineering, forward-engineering and apply to instance

    - Mongoose: added support for populate() foreign key relationships and references to include user-defined modules

    - ScyllaDB: enabled composite relationships

    - ScyllaDB: added reverse-engineering from CQL files


    New features in v4.3.3 [15-Jan-2021]

    - Object Browser: added a "Find in files" tab to search other Hackolade models of the same target

    - Forward-Engineering to JSON Schema: previously 2 modes were available: referenced or resolved definitions.  A 3rd mode is introduced to convert external and model references into internal definitions

    - Command-Line Interface: added --performance argument to create log of timestamps to identify potential bottlenecks in application startup steps

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added support for conversion of xs:decimal with precision and scale to proper subtype in Avro

    - Avro: added non-required properties conversion to multiple with null as default when reverse-engineering from JSON Schema

    - Cosmos DB Gremlin: enhanced support of indexes via Properties Pane, plus forward-engineering of indexing script

    - Cosmos DB Gremlin: added button to apply to Azure instance the script to create graphs, nodes and edges, indexes, UDFs, stored procedures, and triggers

    - MongoDB: added button to apply to instance the script to create databases, collections with optional $jsonschema validator, indexes, and sharding configuration


    New features in v4.3.2 [08-Jan-2021]

    - Added ER Diagram Views: a subset of entities selected from the main ER diagram, to help manage large models by focusing on a smaller set of entities, by domain or subject.  Entities may appear in multiple Diagram Views.  Modifications made inside Diagram Views are immediately reflected in the main diagram and other views where present. 

    - MongoDB reverse-engineering: added possibility to define sampling with a specific aggregation pipeline query

    - MongoDB: added a forward-engineering script tab at model level

    - Hive: added support for (materialized) views in Hive 3, and workload management entities

    - Cosmos DB with SQL API:forward-engineering of document by example

    - Cosmos DB with SQL API: apply to Azure instance the script to create containers, documents, indexes, UDFs, stored procedures, and triggers


    New features in v4.3.1 [22-Dec-2020]

    - Elasticsearch: new plugin for typeless indices in v7 and above

    - Added optional dark theme, set in Tools > Options > General > Appearance

    - Added possibility to open models from OS, Confluence, etc... if default app for .json file extension is associated with Hackolade, using "Open with... Hackolade" from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder

    - Cosmos DB with SQL API: enhanced support of indexes via Properties Pane, plus forward-engineering of indexing script

    - MarkLogic: added preservation of field order during reverse-engineering

    - MongoDB and Cosmos DB with MongoDB API: disabled timestamp data type which is an internal data type


    New features in v4.3.0 [11-Dec-2020]

    - Reduced footprint of saved models by removing extraneous falsy values (“false”, empty string "", empty array and object)

    - Added detection of ISO 8601 date/time/timestamp/duration in JSON strings during reverse-engineering of database instances for MongoDB, Cosmos DB with MongoDB API, and Elasticsearch

    - DDL reverse-engineering: added conflict management dialog: choice of keep both (as previously) / replace / merge / cancel

    - Unsaved model backup: added support for multiple application instances

    - SQL Server and Azure SQL: added Azure Active Directory authentication


    New features in v4.2.15 [04-Dec-2020]

    - Suppressed extraneous message about unsaved model when opening multiple instances of application

    - Added last used file list in external definition dialog

    - Added warning sign in the title of ERD object when a container or an entity is deactivated

    - AWS services (S3 for Avro and Parquet, DynamoDB, EventBridge, Glue): added proxy cache clearing in case of CA SSL inspection


    New features in v4.2.14 [01-Dec-2020]

    - Increased logging for MongoDB SSH connections

    - Cassandra: added ability to reverse-engineer from a CQL script file

    - MarkLogic: added forward-engineering JSON Schema for validation and applying to schemas database instance


    New features in v4.2.13 [28-Nov-2020]

    - MongoDB: added optional detection of Foreign Key relationships during reverse-engineering

    - Cassandra: added ability to define composite foreign key relationships (for documentation purposes only, as not enforced by DB)

    - MarkLogic: added reverse-engineering by sampling documents in collection (or directories) followed by probabilistic schema inference

    - Graph plugins: added ability for subnodes to have multiple parents

    - Added automatic reverse engineering when just opening Swagger/OpenAPI files


    New features in v4.2.12 [20-Nov-2020]

    - Added automatic creation of second subschema when creating Choices

    - Added ability to save an obfuscated version of model from the File menu

    - Added .cer to list of file extensions for Certificate Authority selection dialog

    - API model generation: added mapping of sample property to Swagger/OpenAPI example property

    - Naming Conventions: added UPPER_SNAKE and Snake_Title case conversions to Business-to-Technical 

    - Command-Line Interface: added revEngXSD command

    - XSD: added reverse-engineering of model and entity comments

    - XSD: added reverse-engineering of totalDigits and fractionDigits

    - SQL Server: added numeric data type descriptors for XSD reverse-engineering

    - Snowflake: added numeric data type descriptors for XSD reverse-engineering

    - Synapse: added numeric data type descriptors for XSD reverse-engineering


    New features in v4.2.11 [13-Nov-2020]

    - Suggest denormalization: added selection limitation to 2 entities per operation

    - Plugin Manager: added support for GitHub's replacement of master branch by main branch

    - Excel export/import: added support for custom properties in separate tabs

    - Cosmos DB Gremlin: added possibility to apply Gremlin script to Azure instance

    - MongoDB: added restrictions on creation of relationships for data types: null, boolean, binary, JavaScript, JS with scope, symbol, minKey, maxKey

    - All AWS plugins (S3 for Avro and Parquet, DynamoDB, EventBridge, Glue): added support for SSL Inspection in Reverse-Engineering protocol

    - Avro: added record-level doc to forward-engineering script and made script cosmetic changes for appearance of doc info


    New features in v4.2.10 [06-Nov-2020]

    - Added support for property graph Cosmos DB w/ Gremlin API 

    - More forgiving mouse movements in sub options of contextual menus

    - Graph plugins (ArangoDB, Cosmos DB w/ Gremlin API, Neo4j, TinkerPop): added support for subclasses of nodes/vertices, for documentation only

    - Licensing: relaxed restrictions of Remote Desktop sessions to allow multiple domain logins when free seats are available

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added mapping of xs:date, time, and dateTime data types to corresponding target data types when available

    - MongoDB: added default JSON sample for BSON data types: binary, JavaScript, JS with scope, symbol, minKey and maxKey


    New features in v4.2.9 [30-Oct-2020]

    - Object Browser: scroll to last selected object when clearing search

    - Added validation to all file choosers in Tools > Options

    - Network proxy settings: fixed environment variable option for Windows

    - Avro and Parquet: set AWS S3 as default connection type in cloud settings

    - Glue Data Catalog: added commenting in HiveQL script of foreign key constraint if underlying column is commented

    - Hive: added commenting of foreign key constraint in HQL script if underlying column is commented

    - Neo4j: added commenting of deactivated objects in Cypher script

    - SQL Server: added commenting of deactivated objects in DDL

    - Synapse: added commenting of deactivated objects in DDL


    New features in v4.2.8 [27-Oct-2020]

    - Plugin Manager: on update, takes into account custom properties additional tabs for customization migration

    - Network proxy: refactored Electron proxy settings plus fixed cloud/DynamoDB connection

    - Documentation: added warning if custom logo file does not exist


    New features in v4.2.7 [23-Oct-2020]

    - Added possibility to select nested attributes in internal and model definitions

    - Network proxy: added possibility to pick settings from HTTPS_PROXY environment variables

    - Network proxy on Windows: added possibility to pick settings from Registry

    - Fixed converting internal JSON Schema definitions during Reverse-Engineering into OpenAPI model

    - Fixed generating default in DDLs when value is 0

    - Cassandra: added possibility for multiple select of columns for PK or CK

    - EventBridge Schema Registry: when reverse-engineering from JSON Schema, convert NULL data type to nullable property

    - Glue Data Catalog: added commenting of deactivated objects in HiveQL script

    - Neo4j: added tolerance for relationships without properties

    - ScyllaDB: added commenting of deactivated objects in CQL script

    - Snowflake: added commenting of deactivated objects in DDL

    - Synapse: restricted possibility to add Unique Key constraint if column already has a PK

    - Synapse: restricted possibility to add Primary Key constraint if table is marked for clustered indexes

    - Synapse: dropped PK check when adding foreign key relationships, as they are not enforced by DB


    New features in v4.2.6 [16-Oct-2020]

    - Markdown documentation generation: fine-tuning plus naming of images directory and overwrite behavior

    - Markdown: enabled feature in Command-Line Interface

    - Fix for documentation custom logo

    - Model-Driven API generation: convert NULL data type to nullable property

    - Swagger and OpenAPI 3.0.x: when reverse-engineering from JSON Schema, convert NULL data type to nullable property

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added support for technical-to-business naming conventions with abbreviations file

    - Custom properties: allowed new tab at model level

    - ERD multiple select: added possibility to select annotation boxes

    - Referenced definitions: added support for pattern fields

    - Pattern fields: fixed resolution of referenced definitions in JSON Schema preview


    New features in v4.2.5 [09-Oct-2020]

    - Added documentation generation in Markdown format

    - Added a warning for dangling relationships in Object Browser and Properties Pane

    - Added propagation of Required property for external definitions

    - Excel import: added tolerance for dangling relationships

    - JSON Schema preview: added isActivated and refDescription properties to full/extended modes

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering: added handling for internal references inside definitions

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added handling of custom namespaces

    - Neo4j and other graph plugins: added handling of long node label names

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added dropdown to root hierarchical schema view tab to select request method or response code instead of text input


    New features in v4.2.4 [03-Oct-2020]

    - Pattern field detection: added parameter to control whether to combine similar patterns

    - Custom properties: added support for separate custom tab at attribute level for all data types

    - DDL reverse-engineering: added support for Teradata DDLs

    - JSON Schema: added support for JSON Schema definitions, when performing reverse-engineering as model definitions

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added handling for custom-defined types with multiple complexTypes

    - Fixed OpenAPI missing description when exporting to Excel

    - Disabled reserved words validation for Couchbase key


    New features in v4.2.3 [25-Sept-2020]

    - Pattern field recognition enhancements during schema inference of reverse-engineering: Levenshtein distance is used to measure name similarity of successive complex data types with identical structure.  Levenshtein distance parameter can be changed in Tools > Options > Reverse-Engineering (default = 1)

    - JSON Preview of JSON Schema: added filtering of deactivated attributes for full and extended versions

    - Attribute name validation: enhanced handling in case of Naming Conventions; harmonized notification across Object Browser, ERD, and hierarchical schema view; plus added tootips to warning signs

    - Added meaningful title in email subject of uncaught exceptions

    - Added handling of Naming Conventions in Dependencies property

    - Sample JSON data: included complex attributes -- even if empty

    - Excel template import: added tolerance for Unicode character expressions

    - Cassandra: added commenting of deactivated objects in CQL script


    New features in v4.2.2 [18-Sept-2020]

    - Multiple scalar data types: added up/down control to change order of data types

    - JSON Preview of data sample and standard JSON Schema: added filtering of deactivated attributes

    - Excel import: added handling of absent parent or child in relationships

    - Model API generation: added handling of naming conventions

    - Hive: added commenting of deactivated objects in HiveQL script, if version allows (not Hive v1)

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added possibility of external references to other Hackolade models and JSON Schemas

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added commenting of deactivated parameters and schema attributes


    New features in v4.2.1 [10-Sept-2020]

    - API Model: added command-line interface command forwEngAPI

    - API Model: now possible also for views (when supported by target) and relationships/edges (for graph targets)

    - Naming Conventions when Business-to-Technical conversion is enabled : now prompting user for choice of importing source attribute names into business name or technical name

    - Command-Line Interface: added JSON Schema compliance argument (standard, full, or extended) to forwEng command

    - Added isActivated property to all objects (containers, entities, and attributes), ON by default.  If unchecked,  forward-engineered objects are commented (if the target script syntax allows it) or filtered.  Currently only native targets, plus Hive have this functionality enabled.  Other targets to follow with plugin update.

    - Added warning for attributes with duplicate name

    - Avro and Parquet: added Azure Data Lake (ADLS Gen2) as a Cloud source for reverse-engineering


    New features in v4.2.0 [29-Aug-2020]

    - Ability to generate a Swagger or OpenAPI model and documentation file from any target model, by merging with a template controlling API content.  Available in Tools > Forward-Engineering > API Model.  More info at

    - Added multi-select Shift+click for contiguous selection from/to in index key and reference selection dialogs


    New features in v4.1.15 [25-Aug-2020]

    - Excel import: allowed import of multiple data types without id or empty properties

    - Index key: allowed multiple selection

    - External definitions using relative path: allowed different drive than default path

    - Definitions (all): added toggle for case sensitive search

    - Naming conventions: fixed issue with digits after letter

    - DynamoDB: added null data type

    - MongoDB: updated driver


    New features in v4.1.14 [14-Aug-2020]

    - References to external definitions: allowed chaining of external definitions

    - References: added read-only mode for descriptions of definitions

    - Selection of index keys: allowed multiple selection of keys

    - DynamoDB: added support for network proxy settings

    - MongoDB: added handling of MongoError: Error in $cursor stage caused by operation exceeded time limit

    - Neo4j: added auto-height and auto-width for graph diagram properties of node labels and relationship types

    - Synapse: table option "with clustered index" for specific columns generated in DDL

    - Synapse: disabled varchar(max) data type for clustered columnstore index

    - Synapse: allowed compound primary and unique keys


    New features in v4.1.13 [10-Aug-2020]

    - Added reference description property for referenced definitions

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added support for references to complexTypes, and for group structures

    - JSON document reverse-engineering: added detection of ISO 8601 date/time/timestamp/duration in strings for Avro, Parquet, Cassandra, ScyllaDB, Glue, SQL Server, Snowflake, Synapse, Cosmos DB with MongoDB API, HBase, Neo4j, TinkerPop

    - Avro and Parquet: added support for network proxy settings when accessing files in Cloud storage (AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage)


    New features in v4.1.12 [31-Jul-2020]

    - JSON document reverse-engineering: added detection of ISO 8601 date/time/timestamp/duration in strings when target supports such data types: MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch, Hive

    - MongoDB reverse-engineering: handling of multiple numeric subtypes: int32 < int64 < double < decimal 128

    - Hive: added minify/beautify option to HQL script in UI and CLI

    - Hive: added handling of NULL data types in reverse-engineering of JSON Schema, as NULL is not a valid Hive data type

    - EventBridge: allowed registry with more than 100 schemas


    New features in v4.1.11 [24-Jul-2020]

    - Added support for new license type: Professional Edition - Concurrent Subscription

    - NDJSON: added reverse-engineering from stream, taking into account sampling options

    - EventBridge: soft launch of plugin


    New features in v4.1.10 [18-Jul-2020]

    - Properties pane: moved tabs to top to make presence more obvious

    - Added easy update of license identifier (no longer requires release then re-validate)

    - SQL Server: added handling of multi-type without oneOf choice

    - SQL Server: added parsing of connection string/URI in Connection Settings

    - Synapse: plugin soft launch


    New features in v4.1.9 [09-Jul-2020]

    - ERD entity auto-size, with auto-height and auto-width controls ON by default in Tools > Options > General.  

    - Individual entity auto-height and auto-width can be decoupled from application setting with entity properties pane Options tab

    - XSD: added handling of     element types and references

    - Cassandra: harmonize column order in Object Browser, ERD and hierarchical schema View

    - Hive: added table comments

    - Hive: added handling of references in arrays

    - Excel import/export for OpenAPI: handling of numeric response 

    - Parquet: added reverse-engineering of RowGroup columns in separate message Properties Pane tab

    - SQL Server: added Windows Authentication


    New features in v4.1.8 [27-Jun-2020]

    - Creating reference to a definition (internal, model, external): added possibility to do multiple selections with shift/ctrl+click

    - Added spellcheck of textareas (description, comments, ...)

    - Added possibility to Collapse/Expand complex objects from contextual menu in ERD and hierarchical schema View

    - Documentation generation: improved performance

    - Forward-engineering of JSON documents and JSON Schema: added option to minify output

    - Command Line Interface revEngJSON and revEngDDL commands: added optional version argument

    - Hive: renamed properties Comments to Remarks, and Description to Comments, plus added handling of Comments in forward- and reverse-engineering for databases, tables and columns

    - Neo4j: added default timeout for reverse-engineering

    - OpenAPI: upgraded internal validator to handle spec version 3.0.3

    - SQL Server added option to choose batch separator (semi-column or GO)


    New features in v4.1.7 [22-Jun-2020]

    - Toggle Object Browser and Properties Pane default values for brand new installations


    New features in v4.1.6 [19-Jun-2020]

    - Object Browser and Properties Panes: added shortcuts to view/hide, respectively Ctrl/Cmd+F1 to toggle OB and Ctrl/Cmd+F2 to toggle PP.  Same actions possible with double-click on 3-dots separator or via the View menu

    - Excel export/import: added handling of friendly display names for array items and choice subschemas

    - XSD: added reverse-engineering of common complexTypes

    - DynamoDB: added reverse-engineering of multi-region table replication metadata

    - DynamoDB: reverse-engineering of DDLs converts primary key constraints into partition/sort keys


    New features in v4.1.5 [16-Jun-2020]

    - Avro: keep sequence of fields when fields are not present in 100% of submitted data set

    - DynamoDB: added metadata choice of read/write capacity mode for on-demand instances

    - DynamoDB: added multi-region replica parameters

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: preserve resource components during merge of conflict resolution


    New features in v4.1.4 [11-Jun-2020]

    - Array items: added property for friendly descriptive name to be displayed in models instead of [0], [1]... [n]

    - oneOf/allOf/anyOf choices: added description and comments properties for documentation

    - Excel export: optionally resolve references to definitions for better readability.  Changes to referencing attributes in Excel are ignored during reverse-engineering

    - JSON Document reverse-engineering: added support for NDJSON Newline Delimited JSON (

    - JSON Schema and document reverse-engineering: added conflict management dialog: choice of keep both (as previously) / replace / merge / cancel

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added conflict management dialog: choice of keep both (as previously) / replace / merge / cancel- XSD reverse-engineering: added handling of references to common attribute types

    - Avro: when reverse-engineering a multi-line JSON document and a field appears in strictly less than 100% of of the occurrences, make it multi-data type with NULL as the first one and default of NULL.  Works for both scalar and complex data types (with oneOf choice in case of complex.)

    - Cassandra & ScyllaDB: added Advanced tab in connection settings dialog to set other truncate_request_timeout_in_ms limit than the default 60k milliseconds


    New features in v4.1.3 [05-Jun-2020]

    - Allowed references to definitions with multiple data types

    - Command Line Interface: allowed obfuscation for plugins with snippets

    - Community version: doubled limit to 50 objects

    - Documentation: added dynamic calculation of column width

    - Print diagram: increased image focus for large models in PNG and PDF

    - Glue and Hive: added handling of spaces in names for databases, tables, and columns

    - Neo4j, Tinkerpop: allowed Excel export of graph models, even if no edges are present

    - Neo4j, Tinkerpop: added title in JSON Schema forward-engineering

    - Neo4j, Tinkerpop: added ability to forward-engineer JSON Schema of edges

    - XSD reverse-engineering: added support for additional data types


    New features in v4.1.2 [29-May-2020]

    - Tech refresh of Electron (v8.3.0), NodeJS (v12.14.0), Chromium (v80), and Electron-related modules

    - Performance improvements for Print Diagram function, rendering of Object Browser and menu

    - Naming conventions: replaced global parameters by separate target-specific parameters to allow different behavior depending on target

    - Naming conventions: parameters are stored in a JSON file in the C:\Users\%usernames%\.hackolade\options\<targetname> directory, so they can be shared with teammates via Git.

    - Added context menu with clipboard operations for text inputs, textareas (properties panes, modals, forward-engineering tabs)

    - Fixed exception when performing replace on references attribute definitions

    - Added possibility to replace any attribute with a reference: internal, model, or external

    - Added possibility to replace an attribute by an internal or external reference (previously, only model reference was possible)

    - Snowflake: added possibility to CREATE TABLE ... AS SELECT (CTAS)


    New features in v4.1.1 [20-May-2020]

    !!! Warning: non-backward-compatible change !!!  Models that include foreign key relationships, if saved with v4.1.1 or above, cannot be read with an earlier version !!!

    - Added support for composite foreign keys in RDBMS targets

    - Hive: implemented support for composite foreign keys

    - Snowflake: implemented support for composite foreign keys

    - SQL Server: implemented support for composite foreign keys


    New features in v4.1.0 [14-May-2020]

    - Added sketchy ERD rendering when zoom out is such that it is impossible to read details anyway, for improved performance

    - Added Tools > Options > General parameter to control sketchy ERD zoom level range

    - Stopped rendering ERD for parts of the diagram outside visible area, for improved performance

    - Created additional zoom levels

    - Made OS file open/save dialogs modal and displayed on active screen when dual display

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering and referencing of external definition: added handling of files containing only definitions and no other structure

    - Cosmos DB w/ SQL API: made primary key part of Partition Key with visuals in ERD and hierarchical schema view

    - Snowflake: added support for composite primary key and unique key constraints


    New features in v4.0.4 [06-May-2020]

    - Enable Edit > Copy function in forward-engineering tabs

    - Suggest Denormalization: bypass function if relationship without child attribute

    - Snowflake: added external browser auth type for SSO


    New features with v4.0.3 [27-Apr-2020]

    - macOS Mojave: fixed copy/paste issue in connection settings

    - Object Browser: added tooltip for long object names

    - DDL reverse-engineering: added handling of HashTable

    - JSON Schema Preview and forward-engineering: added a new mode "Full" to show non-standard keyword including custom properties

    - AWS Glue and Hive: added constraints UNIQUE, NOT NULL, DEFAULT and CHECK to properties pane, forward- and reverse-engineering

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: allow only UDT data type in model definitions/user-defined types

    - Cosmos DB SQL API: connection settings name and address now mandatory, renamed autopilot to autoscale, removed storage capacity

    - Snowflake: added authentication integration with Okta Single Sign-On

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added generation of x- path extensions in forward-engineering


    New features with v4.0.2 [22-Apr-2020]

    - Reverse-engineering of JSON documents: keep empty objects and arrays

    - Couchbase: circumvent error in Couchbase Community v6 to invoke N1QL INFER statement

    - MarkLogic: reverse-engineering of JSON objects as objects instead of triples

    - SQL Server: in reverse-engineering of JSON docs, set length of char data types on detected maxLength of string


    New features with v4.0.1 [21-Apr-2020]

    - Reverse-engineering of complex data types into SQL database targets: added option to automatically normalize structures imported from JSON documents, JSON Schema or XSDs.  Sub-objects and arrays optionally result in separate entities

    - Snowflake added support for sequences and file formats

    - SQL Server: added support for full text and spatial indexes, filtered index expressions, views indexes and partitioned views, view definition AS SELECT statement, memory-optimized tables

    - Hive: allowed SSL declaration of multiple certificates from an enterprise Certificate Authority


    New features with v4.0.0 [08-Apr-2020]

    - !!!!! Discontinued support for 32-bit Windows !!!!!

    - Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database: plugin for data modeling, forward- and reverse-engineering, including JSON in (n)varchar(MAX) columns, cfr

    - Snowflake: ability to reverse-engineer DDL into any target

    - Snowflake: plugin for data modeling, forward- and reverse-engineering, including JSON in VARIANT columns, cfr

    - Added JSON Schema field description when reverse-engineering to definitions

    - Added ability to change order of objects in Object Browser

    - Added ability to insert or append objects in Object Browser

    - External definitions: improved opening model if definitions are absent or have moved

    - Orthogonal distribution: added topology-shape-metrics algorithms and Klay layout for small to medium size ERDs

    - DDL: improved handling of semi-columns in comments and defaults

    - DDL reverse-engineering: mapping comments to JSON Schema description property for consistency

    - Hive: added support for Hive v1.x

    - Hive reverse-engineering: removed limit of 100 databases, plus allowed specifying database name to limit scope of discovery

    - Neo4j: added support for Neo4j v4, including multi-database instances

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added choice of layout, including new horizontal layout