New features with v2.4.4:

- Changed from backslash to forward slash in forward-engineering of path for external definition on Windows

- Relaxed constraint of error message when opening a model which was created with a newer application version

- Fixed creation of JSON Schema from a collection with extended MongoDB data types ( ISODate(), Timestamp(), ...)

- Fixed reverse engineering of a sample for date data type

New features with v2.4.3:

- Proper handling of $ sign in Naming Convention's case conversion

- Added  period in front of the relative path of external definition

- Added link to sample models page in to Welcome pane

- Added support for nesting beyond 100 levels during Reverse-Engineering

- Filtered GUIDs in standard view of JSON Schema preview and forward-engineering

- Added reverse-engineering of MongoDB indexes on array items

- Improved handling of multiple data types in Properties Pane

- Fixed error message during CLI reverse-engineering if erroneous model path

New features with v2.4.2:

- Added validation and auto-fixing of ERD settings when opening model

- Added target and plugin information to the uncaught error report

- Fixed distribution of graph relationships

- Fixed handling technical names for graph node labels

New features with v2.4.1:

- Added warning after Reverse-Engineering when Naming Conventions coupling set to Business-to-Technical, to avoid conflict in case of non-symmetric conversions

- Added button to clear Technical Names if user inadvertently enabled Business-to-Technical coupling, and now wants it disabled.

- Display real data type of attribute when appearing in a view

- Added handling of Naming Conventions for views

- Adjusted handling of indexes in DynamoDB Table Create Script after copy table

New features with v2.4.0:

- Introduction of Naming Conventions to maintain both a ‘business name’ and a ‘technical name’ for objects, and keep them synchronized and transformed based on a set of user-driven parameters, and optionally based on a conversion file maintained outside of the application.  Name conversion can go both directions: Business-to-Technical, or Technical-to-Business.  

- Added handling access error when saving to root on Mac

- Added default paths parameter options for new installations

- Added tolerance for absent container complex type in XSD reverse-engineering

New features with v2.3.7:

- Mapped DateTime data type in MS SQL Server DDL reverse-engineering to Hive timestamp

- Mapped BIT data type in MySQL DDL reverse-engineering to JSON boolean

- Eliminated false positive document validation in JSON Preview for recursive external references

- Clear search box of Object Browser when opening a new model

- Restored full list of entities in JSON Schema forward-engineering

- Fixed error in cancellation of MongoDB reverse-engineering

- Fixed error in Command Line Interface documentation generation

- Fixed in keeping order of attributes during Cassandra reverse-engineering

- Fixed error in cancellation of Cassandra reverse-engineering

- Fixed rendering of keys at the entity level

New features with v2.3.6:

- Support for proxy server in plugin installation

- Support for proxy server in Command-Line Interface reverse-engineering

New features with v2.3.5:

- UUID change for concurrent licenses

- Fixed section numbering in documentation when partial entity selection

- Tolerance for empty complexType in XSD import

- Hive: fixed forward-engineering when dependencies are present

- various minor fixes

New features with v2.3.4:

- Avro: support for logical types

- Couchbase: prompt user to choose document type if confusion by INFER or empty string

- MongoDB: updated mongodb-core library

- MongoDB: added timeout handling

- MongoDB: moved enableSharding from model to database level and added to script if enabled

- JSON: removed isRestfulApi in forward-engineering if disabled

- fixed generating JSON sample for complex type in case of recursive definitions

- fixed spinner if install plugin from zip is canceled

- XSD reverse-engineering: added support for xsd: tags to xs:

- Hive: keep order of JSON when inferring schema in reverse-engineering

New features with v2.3.3:

- Added option for manual network proxy parameters, for license key validation and software update check

- Fixed so subscription licenses don't require re-validation when renewal has been paid

New features with v2.3.2:

- Kerberos authentication protocol support for HBase plugin

- Better handling of deletion of a field that is a key in a MongoDB index

- Warning dialog when an attribute is deleted

- Fixed definition resolution when array contains null

- DDL reverse-engineering: convert varchar to varchar instead of string if the target supports it

- DDL reverse-engineering: convert decimal to double instead of integer if the target supports it

- Oracle DDL reverse-engineering: be tolerant of non-official BIGINT, SMALLINT, TINYINT, and STRING and convert to equivalent if the target supports it

- Hive HQL script forward-engineering: fix error when source is erwin model

- XSD reverse-engineering: convert DateTime data type to timestamp instead of string if the target supports it

New features with v2.3.1:

- Disabled option in contextual menu of a model definition that allowed conversion of attributes into an internal reference

- Allowed expanding a model definition with a reference to an external model

- Fixed bug in some plugins when changing container for an entity

New features with v2.3.0:

- Support for Avro schema

- Support for Apache Hive

- Warning about Couchbase Community with missing schema service

- Handling of missing Elasticsearch index type

- Display warning if attempting to reverse-engineer CosmosDB w/ MongoDB API without corresponding plugin

New features with v2.2.4:

- Ability to use field list properties in plugin field-level config

- Additional Elasticsearch mapping parameters for v6.4

- Handling of PDF Print and Documentation Generation with Acrobat Reader version 2019

New features with v2.2.3:

- Normalization of file path in external definition with relative path

- Default JSON Schema preview to referenced definitions

- Fine-tuned JSON Schema definitions conversions with cascading references

- Fixed HTML documentation opening of diagram in new tab for Chrome 69, plus link to container/database/bucket

- Fixed CLI compMod merge container visual

- Fixed reverse-engineering of XSD schema for Cassandra and Hive plugins

New features with v2.2.2:

- Added identifier in License Key Validation dialog for customers with multi-seat keys

- Added automatic release of previous key when validating a new one

- Added indentation for documentation titles

- Elasticsearch: renamed container-level key from index to _index and defaulted index property to true

- XSD reverse-Engineering: added handling of types anyURI, boolean, double and float.  And when possible: base64Binary and hexBinary

- Added search capability in both field picker and external definition picker

- Added possibility to load external models by relative path

- Added prevention of combining scalar and complex types in multiple data types -- if involves complex types, must use Choice

- Added generation of default data in case of references in an array

- Added optional resolution of definitions in JSON Schema preview and reverse-engineering

- Fixed handling of relationships when copy/paste between instances

- Fine-tuned merge of models after CLI compMod when renaming a container, an entity, or an attribute

New features with v2.2.1:

- Graph zoom fine-tuning

- Change of relationship line size

New features with v2.2.0:

- Graph view with familiar circular node labels in Neo4j plugin

- Adjusted MongoDB reverse-engineering when specified database and SSH

- Fixed reverse-engineering of Excel template for MongoDB target

- Fixed installation on Windows when conflict between envirnment variables

New features with v2.1.1:

- removed caching of modal content

- saving models of native targets

- handling JSON in plugin reverse-engineering

- fixed reverse-engineering for Cosmos DB if container-level key is named 'id'

New features with v2.1.0:

- forward- and reverse-engineering of Cassandra & Datastax (requires plugin update), including inference of JSON structures if detected in text or blob

- using getCollection instead of brackets in forward-engineering of MongoDB index for better encoding of special characters in collection names

- suppressed extraneous warning when Saving As

- fixed forward-engineering of MongoDB script after PostgreSQL DDL import

New features with v2.0.8:

- encoding of special characters in index names when forward-engineering of MongoDB script

- fixed anomaly in Object Browser menu toggle

- fixed check of Windows10 Registry if user has no rights

- better handling of internal references in JSON Schema import

- encryption/decryption of database connections

- added mapping of date and time string types in XSD reverse-engineering

- documentation list of types when multiple

New features with v2.0.7:

- enhanced instructions in uncaught exception dialog

- added system info in email report of uncaught exception

- fixed exception when MongoDB view uses field with an external reference

- added filtering of property names in documentation when section is empty

- added filtering of field properties (including hierarchies) when user option is 'none'

New features with v2.0.6:

- enhanced handling multiple types in JSON schema validator of MongoDB

- enhanced merging validator of MongoDB and the JSON schema from the probabilistic schema

- added handling uncaught error on main process

- updated mongodb driver

New features with v2.0.5:

- fixed behavior of external definitions when references or fields containing references are deleted

- fixed copying of external references

New features with v2.0.4:

- relaxed syntax restriction for regex pattern in string property and allow ^urn:uuid:

- better handling of foreign key relationships on reference definitions

- support for MongoDB 4.0 and SCRAM-SHA-256

- improved display of uncaught error details

New features with v2.0.3:

- allow offline connection to local MongoDB instance on Windows

- changed license message for expired maintenance

- fixed v2 license validation when no maintenance plan

New features with v2.0.2:

- enhanced reverse-engineering of extremely large documents

- added parsing of DDL table comments

- fixed parsing of MySQL DDL composite foreign keys

- added filters for some extraneous DDL fields

New features with v2.0.1:

- software key validation screen: added maintenance status and expiration

- fixed regression when creating a foreign key from properties pane

- added logging of schema validation during model opening

- improved plugin installation when previous plugin already installed

New features with v2.0.0:

- support for Neo4j graph database