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    Welcome to Hackolade Studio

    Hackolade Studio is an intuitive yet powerful application to perform the visually data modeling and schema design of many NoSQL databases, storage formats, REST APIs, and JSON in RDBMS.


    Hackolade Studio combines the graphical representation of collections in an Entity Relationship Diagram, with the graphical representation of the JSON Schema definition of each collection in a hierarchical schema view.  Together, these graphical representations provide the schema model for data-at-rest and data-in-motion, plus the documentation of that model.  The application is specifically designed around the powerful nature of JSON nested sub-objects and denormalization.


    The software facilitates the work of, and the dialog between analysts, architects, designers, developers, testers, DBAs, and operators of systems that are based on such technologies.  It also can generate schema scripts and documentation in a variety of machine-readable formats (DDLs, JSON Schema, Avro, Parquet, Protobuf, ...) as well as database instances, or human-readable formats such as HTML, Markdown, and PDF reports.


    Instead of having to find data structures tacitly described in the application code, the creation of a database model helps to evaluate design options beforehand, think through the implications of different alternatives, and recognize potential hurdles before committing sizable amounts of development effort.  A database model helps plan ahead, in order to minimize later rework.  In the end, the modeling process accelerates development, increases quality of the application, and reduces execution risks.