After downloading Hackolade, you need to obtain and register an activation key before you can use the application.

You can initiate the process of getting an activation key either from the website, or from inside the application.  Once you have an activation key, it needs to be registered from the application.

Warning: If you have an HTTP proxy server on your network, you may have to manually set in the application the proxy parameters.  You will find more information on the Network Proxy page.

1. Get a software license key

1.1 from the website

Go to the pricing page and choose the version you prefer (see here for more info).  You will be directed to the Hackolade Store where you'll be guided through the checkout process.  A license key will be generated and provided on screen and via email.   You will need this key to access the application.  Go to step 2 below for instructions.

1.2 from the application

When you start Hackolade, if there is no valid license key present, you are presented with this dialog box:

This screen can also be reached by going to Help > Software Key Validation.

Choose one of the following options:

then click the Send button.  You will be directed to the Hackolade Store where you'll be guided through the checkout process.  A license key will be generated and provided on screen and via email.   You will need this license key to access the application.  Go to step 2 below for instructions.

2. Validate your license key

If you have not downloaded Hackolade yet, please do so from the download page.

Step 1: In the Software Key Validation dialog, please choose the option 'I want to...':

then Step 2: paste your license key, and optionally enter your name or an identifier to help manage multiple licenses

and Step 3: click the Send button.  

You need to be connected to the Internet for this step to validate your license key with Hackolade's license server.  If your company has many licenses, your administrator may require that you enter your name in the Identifier (optional) field:

You should be getting this confirmation message:

and the license details will be filled window will be filled.

3. Release the license key from one computer to move to another

If you need to move your license key to another computer, you first need to release it on the PC where your key is currently validated.

To do so, go to the option Help > Software Key Validation, and choose the action 'I want to...':

and click the Send button.  This will free up the key on our license server.  

Make sure to copy the license key and store it (or find your original license key confirmation email) as you will need it to activate on the other computer where you will want to use Hackolade.

As of this moment, you can no longer use Hackolade on the original computer, unless you you re-register it.

Go to the other computer where you want to use Hackolade and validate your license key using the instructions above '2. Validate your license key'

4. Offline validation

There maybe cases of proxy issues when Hackolade is not able to validate the license key online. To access the Internet, the application uses the proxy settings from the PC's browser, as stored in Windows Internet Options > Connections of the dialog c:\Windows\System32\inetcpl.cpl  

If the application can detect that it cannot reach the Internet (you pay have to help a little bit with that), the following dialog is displayed:

By clicking on the link or the Send button, you will be directed in your browser to this page, with the fields pre-filled:

When you click the activate button, an XML file will be downloaded to your PC.  With the application, choose the path and filename of the downloaded file:

And the application should get activated.  Do not modify anything in the downloaded file, or the activation will fail.

5. Licensing on Virtual Machines

Our licensing is enforced through registration of the UUID on our license server.  Each unknown UUID for a license key reserves a seat on our license server, until you reach the total number of seats purchased.

As per this article:  "Each virtual machine has a universal unique identifier (UUID). The UUID is generated when you initially power on the virtual machine...  Suspending and resuming a virtual machine does not trigger the process that generates a UUID...  If you do not move or copy the virtual machine to another location, the UUID remains constant."

Important: the one thing to remember though is: before you delete a VM, make sure to release the Hackolade key via Help > Software Key Validation > Release.  This is the only way for you to free up the seat of that UUID, and make it available for another one.

Reminder: License metric is per "Operating System Instance" ("OSI") (i.e. PCs under Windows, Mac or Linux OS), meaning that each implementation of the software can be installed onto a physical system or a partition, such as a Virtual Machines system, virtual environments, virtual private  servers, containers, guests and zones within the physical system.  A physical system can contain multiple Operating System Instances.