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    Connect to a Cassandra instance

    Like many database, Cassandra provides user rolenames and passwords for internal authentication.  Hackolade currently supports basic authentication (username/password) as well as LDAP.


    To connect to a Cassandra instance, you need to provide:

    - the hosts IP address or DNS name, and port number

    - your choice of installation: private or Astra on Constellation

    - for Cassandra 4.0 and higher, it is now required to provide a localDataCenter. This is necessary to prevent routing requests to nodes in remote data centers.


    Cassandra connection settings


    In the Advanced tab you may change the default request timeout and specify it in milliseconds.

    Cassandra connection advanced tab




    The documentation on this page indicates:  “the timeout settings used on the Cassandra side (*_request_timeout_in_ms in cassandra.yaml) should be taken into account when picking a value for this read timeout. You should pick a value a couple of seconds greater than the Cassandra timeout settings.”


    If the error says that host is not available, "NoHostAvailableError: All host(s) tried for query failed. First host tried, DriverError: Connection timeout", it means the host is not in the network or port 9042 is not opened.  Check availability of host, for example using netcat:


    nc -z -v 9042


    Also, check the firewall settings. 



    If trying to connect to a Dockerized Cassandra instance, we can suggest the following actions:

    1) Check if port is published by running the command 


    docker ps


    in PORTS columns the should see


    To publish port they should use parameter -p


    docker run -p 9042:9042 cassandra


    2) Use localhost (or instead of, as it is an internal IP address. Or in case docker-toolbox is used, get ip with this command:


    docker-machine ip