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    Connect to a SQL Server instance

    The SQL Server engine can hosted on-premises, on virtualized machines in a private or public cloud, or as a managed instance with the Azure SQL Database service.  


    Several authentication methods are available.


    In the Hackolade connection settings dialog, give a meaningful name to the connection, choose the source (on-prem/cloud or Azure SQL Database), then set the database name, the host and port:


    SQL Server Connection settings



    Important: the host IP address and the port must correspond exactly to the values in the SQL Server instance.  You may want to check using the SQL Server Configuration Manager (SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for <instance name> -> TCP/IP -> [right click] properties)




    If you reference a named instance in the host field, please make sure to leave blank the port.


    Or you may choose to provide a connection string which includes: host, port, username and password:


    SQL Server Connection String