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    New features with v3.6.10 [24-Mar-2020]

    - JSON Data preview: enhanced validation for numbers with exponential notation

    - Command-Line Interface: added tolerance for broken relationships when obfuscating model

    - MongoDB script: included enums when multiple data type


    New features with v3.6.9 [19-Mar-2020]

    - Added prompt for UUID if required, plus additional logging

    - Added documentation timeout and uncaught error


    New features with v3.6.8 [6-Mar-2020]

    - Added horizontal scrollbar in Object Browser

    - Fixed event handling (undo/redo conflicting with typed letters "z" and "y" if Ctrl+Tab had been pressed inadvertently)

    - Undo no longer Closes all in Object Browser

    - When updating external references for refresh button, a dialog now offers option to refresh all external references in the model

    - Avro: added subtype and logicalType properties to extended JSON Schema

    - Cassandra/ScyllaDB: added handling of nested UDTs

    - Many Swagger/OpenAPI improvements:

    -- documentation no longer lists unused structures

    -- documentation: fixed ERD image

    -- added validations for semantic and structural conditions

    -- added visual mark for nested references in hierarchical schema view, plus option to Go to definition

    -- extended structure pre-creation for request body/response content

    -- added dropdown for media types, plus option to create not-listed values in hierarchical schema view

    -- added description and tooltip for response codes in Properties Pane dropdown

    -- fixed inconsistent contextual menu for definitions/componenents in Object Browser

    -- added possibility to add and remove responses from Properties Pane of request

    -- removed the naming convention "couple" button for media-type name

    -- fixed copy/duplicate-paste validation errors

    -- added layout options to display request/responses structure horizontally


    New features with v3.6.7 [26-Feb-2020]

    - ScyllaDB: added new plugin

    - CLI: added spinner

    - Plugin Manager: suppressed Remove button for native targets

    - Plugin Manager: propose to save model prior to restart

    - MacOS: performance improvement for slow URL opening on Mojave

    - JSON Preview: fixed tab persistence in localStorage 


    New features with v3.6.6 [24-Feb-2020]

    - backward compatibility for JSON and Couchbase models


    New features with v3.6.5 [22-Feb-2020]

    - CLI obfusc command: added statistics report at end of process, plus fine-tuned nested properties handling

    - Naming conventions conversion: apply changes no longer requires default coupling to be modified

    - Added capture of exception if collectionId is null

    - Added re-calculation of container size when pasting entities

    - ArangoDB: added foreign-key relationship cardinality display in graph view

    - ArangoDB: added FK and edge relationship selection in object selection menu


    New features with v3.6.4 [19-Feb-2020]

    - Soft release of ArangoDB plugin, without forward- or reverse-engineering

    - Fixed paste function in license validation modal for some Mac versions

    - Added paste icon in license validation modal


    New features with v3.6.3 [17-Feb-2020]

    - Added Migrate button if native target customProperties plugin is not in plugin registry

    - Added Migrate button if native target customProperties plugin is not installed

    - Changed description of native target customProperties plugin

    - Changed order of plugin listing in Plugin Manager


    New features with v3.6.2 [15-Feb-2020]

    - All plugins: separated customizations from corresponding plugin, to facilitate plugin updates

    - Link to show plugin directory removed from Help menu and moved to customization of each plugin of Help > Plugin Manager > Installed tab

    !!!! if you have defined custom properties for Hackolade targets, you should read these instructions:


    New features with v3.6.1 [13-Feb-2020]

    - Avro: added forward-engineering of namespace for references

    - Mongoose: fixed handling of default value conflicting with eval() suppression for Electron security


    New features with v3.6.0 [11-Feb-2020]

    - Tech refresh of Electron (v6.1.4), NodeJS (v12.4.0), Chromium (v76), and Electron-related modules, plus MongoDB, Couchbase and DynamoDB drivers

    !!!!! Discontinued support for 32-bit Linux ( !!!!!

    !!!!! Discontinued support for MacOS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or before  ( !!!!!

    !!!!! For Linux upgrade, it is advised to delete first the directory where Hackolade is currently installed, prior to unzipping the new version


    New features with v3.5.11 [4-Feb-2020]

    - Avro: added support for reverse-engineering from AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, Google Cloud Storage

    - Cassandra: added support for materialized views

    - AWS DocumentDB: adjusted MongoDB connections to also support the SSH/SSL combination needed for AWS DocumentDB:

    - Parquet: added support for reverse-engineering from Google Cloud Storage


    New features with v3.5.10 [22-Jan-2020]

    - DDL: allowed SQL syntax from LucidChart (i.e. without CONSTRAINT keyword for PRIMARY KEY) for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres

    - DDL: allowed reverse-engineering of business names with spaces

    - Excel: allowed import of Excel without container GUID

    - Parquet: added support for reverse-engineering from Azure Blob Storage


    New features with v3.5.9 [16-Jan-2020]

    - Consistent positioning of dialog OK/Cancel buttons according to Windows UI standard

    - CLI model comparison no longer requires a container

    - Cassandra: reverse-engineering filters out system tables

    - Cosmos DB with SQL API: support for Control Pane via REST API in addition to Data Pane via new SDK

    - Glue: added Set data type, classification property, SerDe parameters, and table properties

    - Hive: NoSasl connection no longer requires Kerberos modules on Mac

    - Parquet: added possibility to reverse-engineer files from AWS S3

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added possibility to de-activate resource/request/response so it appears commented in documentation file


    New features with v3.5.8 [11-Jan-2020]

    - Added collapse/expand all options to Object Browser contextual menu

    - Fixed width of keys in ERD for Cassandra when partition key is also a foreign key

    - Respect sequence keys in Cassandra hierarchical schema view

    - Fixed Kerberos library for Hive on Mac


    New features with v3.5.7 [6-Jan-2020]

    - Fixed reverse-engineering from database instances


    New features with v3.5.6 [3-Jan-2020]

    - Added display of index info in hierarchical schema view

    - When generating JSON Data numeric with no sample, now uses pseudo-random function so data does not change each time

    - Created plugin for Apache Parquet

    - Cassandra: added connection to DataStax Apollo on Constellation 

    - Neo4j and TinkerPop plugins: added reverse-engineering of JSON documents and JSON Schema

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added possibility to reference another API file


    New features with v3.5.5 [13-Dec-2019]

    - Created plugin for AWS Glue Data Catalog

    - Added reverse-engineering of DDLs, XSDs, JSON docs, and JSON Schema as model definitions (in case of OpenAPI as schema components)

    - Added CLI command revEngDDL for reverse-engineering of DDLs from command line

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: added reverse-engineering of definitions/components not referenced in API


    New features with v3.5.4 [30-Nov-2019]

    - Graph plugins: implemented force-directed layout algorithms with spring-like attractive forces, see example:

    - Graph plugins: enhanced orthogonal distribution of ERD view

    - Avro: added support for namespaces in data types

    - Avro: corrected name of record data type

    - OpenAPI: improvement of components reverse-engineering for ISO20022 Payment Processing APIs

    - DDL: added support for Informix dialect


    New features with v3.5.3 [21-Nov-2019]

    - Graph plugins: added graph toolbar toggles to View menu

    - Implemented Electron security recommendations for framework foundation

    - Oracle DDL: improved handling of Foreign Keys so as to allow importing of Informix DDLs as well

    - Excel: fix 'cannot read property reduce of null' error on import

    - MongoDB: add use <dbs> to script

    - Swagger/OpenAPI: add validation prior to reverse-engineering


    New features with v3.5.2 [15-Nov-2019]

    - Command-Line Interface: added command to reverse-engineer JSON Schema and JSON documents

    - CLI: added argument to reverse-engineer script files (MongoDB validator, Cassandra CQL, Hive HQL, Avro schema, Neo4j Cypher, Swagger documentation, etc...)

    - CLI: added argument to forward-engineer JSON Schema or sample JSON document.  For JSON Schema, included choice to reference or resolve definitions, and optionally to update external references

    - ERD view: increased size of of horizontal and vertical scroll bar handles

    - Avro: added possibility to display and forward-engineer schema or encoded for Confluent Registry

    - Avro: added possibility to display and forward-engineer schema with standard indentation or minified

    - Avro: added handling of Java-generated classes 

    - JSON Schema: added possibility to display and forward-engineer schema with standard indentation or minified

    - Graph plugins (Neo4j and TinkerPop): added possibility to reverse-engineer: DDLs, XSDs, and Excel template

    - Graph plugins: implemented separate positioning of objects for graph view and ERD view


    New features with v3.5.1 [30-Oct-2019]

    - Added possibility to duplicate a node/vertex label to represent recursive relationship/edge type as a line instead of a loop

    - Added decorative symbols (annotation) to the graph diagram (Neo4j & TinkerPop)

    - Added copy/paste of related relationship/edge labels when copying/pasting node/vertex labels

    - Added toggle to display relationship type names along the lines vs always horizontal

    - Added ability to select all node labels to move to another database

    - All targets: added indicator in ERD when an attribute is a reference to a definition: i for internal, m for model, and e for external

    - Improved rendering performance of hierarchical schema view for large models

    - Added refresh button in Properties Pane for external reference

    - Added support for custom $schema 

    - Fixed release of concurrent seat in case of orphan processes

    - All plugins: mapped plugin data types to standard JSON data types for JSON Schema forward-engineering

    - Avro: fixed field order of Avro schema in case of complex data types with choices

    - Avro: JSON data sample: now takes into account logicalTypes

    - Avro: JSON data sample: when null is first data type, take into account next data type, including in case of complex data type

    - OpenAPI: fixed deletion of resource/request/response

    - TinkerPop: added support for SSL and SSH in reverse-engineering


    New features with v3.5.0  [20-Oct-2019]

    - Added support for TinkerPop graph computing framework with Gremlin graph traversal

    - Many graph database UI enhancements, for Neo4j and upcoming TinkerPop, Amazon Neptune, and others...

    - Display node label controls on mouse hover only

    - Added tooltips to node label controls

    - Added relationship type highlight and controls on hover

    - Added control to reverse relationship direction

    - Added focus on relationship type name in properties pane when creating

    - Added possibility to create node label together with relationship type by clicking on relationship button then clicking again in workspace

    - Fixed centering of relationship type name

    - Added selection of relationship type by clicking on its name

    - Added default node label size, node label color, and relationship type line thickness in Tools > Options

    - Added checkbox "Apply to all in model" to the popups for node label size, node label color, and relationship type line thickness 

    - Added toolbar button to toggle opening of all property boxes

    - Added independent opening/closing of properties boxes

    - Added toolbar button to toggle showing all relationship names

    - Added graph diagram to Print Diagram

    - Added opening of properties boxes with fit to content

    - Added easy copy/paste of all properties between 2 node labels

    - Added decorative symbols to the graph view

    - Avro: changing data type maintains description and comments

    - Avro: added precision and scale to script


    New features with v3.4.12:

    - Enhanced undo/redo performance, handling in Object Browser, moving containers in graph view

    - Added handling of undo/redo in reference definitions

    - Added handling of copy/paste of external definitions

    - Improved performance opening large models and rendering ERD with large number containers and nested structures (still needs improvements on hierarchical schema view)

    - Added last 10 actions of undo stack to uncaught error reporting

    - Fixed an issue when a simple JSON Schema data types reversed with properties

    - Fixed multiple copy-pasted collections haven’t colors from source collections

    - Avro: added forward-engineering of logicalType when multiple data types

    - Avro: filtered redundant pattern property in forward-engineering

    - Cassandra: split table options blob into separate properties


    New features with v3.4.11:

    - JSON Schema reverse-engineering: added handling of array items with empty objects

    - JSON Schema/JSON Doc/DDL/XSD/Mongoose reverse-engineering: extended error modal with log information

    - Hierarchical schema view: fine-tuning of right-click for contextual menu

    - Avro: added display of non-null data type sample in JSON Data 


    New features with v3.4.10:

    - Print Diagram: made generation independent of Windows DPI display settings (scale and layout)

    - MongoDB: updated view pipeline when referencing a definition

    - Swagger: use example property to generate Swagger samples


    New features with v3.4.9:

    - Added scrolling for long lists of definitions

    - Avro: removed false positive on validation of records

    - Avro: enhanced JSON Data sample generation logic

    - Avro: replaced spaces by underscore during reverse-engineering of JSON Schema title and field names

    - Excel: adjusted import logic of definitions when target is Swagger/OpenAPI


    New features with v3.4.8:

    - Print Diagram: added headers and footers to PDF

    - Print Diagram: added selection and/or range of pages to print

    - Print Diagram: added zoom control and fit to single page

    - Excel: improved handling of entity/attribute name split


    New features with v3.4.7:

    - Enhanced error logging to include undo actions

    - ERD: added text decorative symbol

    - Avro: added data type mapping when forward-engineering JSON Schema


    New features with v3.4.6:

    - Added contextual menu on multiple selections

    - Object Browser: added single level expansion for relationships, and definitions

    - Undo/Redo: added handling of copy/paste of views and graph node labels

    - Avro: added handling of required property for choices

    - Avro: adjusted mapping of data types when reverse-engineering of JSON Schema

    - Avro: automatically make default property null when null data type is first of multiple data types


    New features with v3.4.5:

    - Object Browser: added single level expansion for containers, entities, attributes, and views

    - Avro: added mapping of JSON Schema string formats to corresponding Avro logical types


    New features with v3.4.4:

    - Avro: enhanced approach for nullable fields by re-introducing null data type, see Avro schema for more info

    - Avro: added handling of multi-type fields during reverse-engineering of JSON Schema and JSON documents


    New features with v3.4.3:

    - Added Undo (Ctrl+Z) and Redo (Ctrl+Y) functions

    - Added AutoSave toggle switch (OFF by default) with parameter in Tools > Options > General to control time interval in minutes  

    - Added recovery of new unsaved model

    - Added release notes in application update dialog

    - Enriched error details in reverse-engineering connection dialog 

    - Hive: support for http transport mode for LDAP and Kerberos authentication

    - Swagger: added handling of null data type during reverse-engineering of JSON/JSON Schema, and converting to string with default = "null"

    - OpenAPI: added handling of null data type during reverse-engineering of JSON/JSON Schema, and converting to string with nullable = true


    New features with v3.4.2:

    - Extended drag & drop capability to multiple selections

    - Enhanced Find function to add match case, match whole word, beginning/end/anywhere in word, type of object, next/previous navigation, session history

    - Added Find-and-Replace function

    - Mongoose reverse-engineering: added handling of sub-documents as internal definitions

    - Mongoose reverse-engineering: added support for Buffer and Decimal128 data types

    - License key status: added refresh button

    - MongoDB: added generic processing of different SRV record formats

    - MongoDB: replaced deprecated document counts method impacting performance

    - Mac: fixed selection of reverse-engineering files

    - Hive: added support for Kerberos Quality of Protection (QOP) values auth-int (integrity) and auth-conf (confidentiality) []


    New features with v3.4.1:

    - Save/Open: use default path locations first time only in a session, then remember last location used in session

    - Fixed reverse-engineering of JSON data when special symbols are present

    - Mongoose forward-engineering: added handling of definitions (reverse-engineering will be available in the next version)

    - Mongoose forward- and reverse-engineering: added choice to output in object notation


    New features with v3.4.0:

    - Added multiple selection in Object Browser, ERD and hierarchical schema view for more productive copy/paste and delete: Shift+Right-click for contiguous, Ctrl+Right-click for non-contiguous

    - Added drag-and-drop from/to complex data types at a different level

    - Added lineage (aka impact analysis, aka where-used) for references plus denormalized keys and denormalized attributes

    - Added ERD visual for denormalized keys (targets of foreign keys) and denormalized attributes (targets of foreign masters)

    - Reformatted attribute path in JSON Preview validation pane

    - Added check for plugin updates at startup

    - Excel: split name of attribute in a column for entity name and a column for attribute name

    - Cassandra: added authentication through Java Key Store  

    - Cassandra: filtered CQL script in documentation generation if table not selected

    - Hive: added authentication through Java Key Store 

    - Avro: default must match enum values

    - Avro: display warning in ERD and hierarchical schema view if default value does not match data types


    New features with v3.3.2:

    - Added target script (CQL, Avro Schema, etc.) to documentation, with toggle in Options

    - Added possibility to perform Reverse-Engineering from Menu in Overview screen

    - MongoDB: added possibility to import URI with SRV record

    - Excel: added merging of nested fields

    - Excel: converted erroneous boolean values to false

    - Excel: handled empty technical names during reverse-engineering

    - Avro: handled inline comments in configs 

    - Avro: correctly handled spaces in attribute names during forward-engineering

    - Avro: enhanced logic for required fields with null allowed

    - Neo4j: fixed bug when right-click on node in hierarchical schema view


    New features with v3.3.1:

    - Object with a validation error (default or example not respecting data type, invalid names, etc...) appear in red in Object Browser, ERD and hierarchical schema view

    - Avro: integrated Avro schema validator to Avro Schema tavb

    - Avro: added 'Null allowed' property to complex types

    - MongoDB reverse-engineering: added logging and default for read preference parameter


    New features with v3.3.0:

    - Added support for OpenAPI 3 (plugin download required)

    - Excel: handling of column title for empty sheets

    - Avro: added styles for "null allowed" properties in ERD and hierarchical schema view


    New features with v3.2.3:

    - DDL reverse-engineering: allow that Create Table statements are absent and that only Alter Table statements are present

    - When multiple data types, there should only be a single default property

    - Avro: added a property 'null allowed' so multiple data types (scalar) are not necessary to allow for backward/forward compatibility.  For multiple data type with complex types, it even simpler: no Choice necessary

    - Avro: added handling via definitions for named types (records, enums, and fixed)


    New features with v3.2.2:

    - Excel export/import: added support for definitions (internal, model, and external) plus references to definitions

    - Swagger: added ERD toggle of details to filter out unused structures


    New features with v3.2.1:

    - Excel export: added checkbox for each config section

    - Excel import - Cassandra: added handling for primary and clustering keys 

    - Added handling for collapsed nodes in hierarchical schema view and model definitions

    - Cassandra: fixed losing keys separator

    - Swagger: removed CommonMark in extension values


    New features with v3.2.0:

    - Added generic export/import with Excel for all targets

    - Added multiple file selection in Reverse-Engineering of JSON documents, JSON Schema, DDLs & XSDs

    - Added using technical model name for file name in Forward-Engineering of JSON documents, JSON Schema

    - Fixed picking from field list on definitions tab

    - Cosmos DB w/ Mongo API: added reverse-engineering support for unique items, TTL indexes, stored procs, and UDFs

    - Cosmos DB w/ Mongo API: added reverse-engineering from Azure Cosmos DB Emulator via REST API

    - Filtered GUIDs from pattern properties in forward-engineering of JSON Schema

    - Single click to collapse expand complex structures in hierarchical schema view


    New features with v3.1.2:

    - Allowed multiple selections in reverse-engineering of JSON documents, JSON Schema, DDLs, and XSDs


    New features with v3.1.1:

    - Added support for CommonMark (a.k.a. Markdown) in description and comment properties

    - Fixed handling of custom-defined properties in native targets

    - Fixed uncaught error in repetitive reverse-engineering of JSON documents

    - Added Unique Items in Cosmos DB collection properties (SQL API)

    - Fixed Neo4j uncaught error


    New features with v3.1.0:

    - Hive: added LDAP and Kerberos authentication support, plus SSL

    - Elasticsearch: added specialized and range datatypes

    - Swagger: added Interactive API pane to Swagger Definition tab

    - Added visuals in ERD for required and indexed attributes 


    New features with v3.0.2:

    - MongoDB: added support for LDAP roles

    - MongoDB: added handling of replica read preference

    - Elasticsearch: added handling of default index options

    - Cassandra: fixed generation of CQL script for only selected tables

    - Neo4j: fixed actions menu for graph view tab


    New features with v3.0.1:

    - Sync with v2.5.7


    New features with v3.0.0:

    - Added support for REST APIs, starting with Swagger 2 (openAPI 3 will follow in a few weeks)

    - Added zoom on container when selected from picker

    - Cassandra: added LDAP authentication support