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    Regular expression

    Regex is used in 2 places:

    - for the pattern validation of strings

    - for the definition of pattern fields


    These regular expressions should be valid according to the ECMA 262 regular expression dialect.  Regex value should start with the “^” and end with the “$” anchors to satisfy the internal Hackolade validation.


    The following regular expression tokens are supported:

    • simple character classes ([abc]), range character classes ([a-z]);
    • complemented character classes ([^abc], [^a-z]);
    • simple quantifiers: "+" (one or more), "*" (zero or more), "?" (zero or one), and their lazy versions ("+?", "*?", "??");
    • range quantifiers: "{x}" (exactly x occurrences), "{x,y}" (at least x, at most y, occurrences), {x,} (x occurrences or more), and their lazy versions;
    • simple grouping ("(...)") and alternation ("|").


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