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    Managing multiple license keys and seats

    If you're a license administrator, you may want to track who's using your licenses of Hackolade. You may do so by accessing the URL

     QLM - License Manager no identification

    To have identification information appear in the Computer Name column, users need to go to Help > Software Key Validation, then release their key, copy it to their clipboard, then fill in the identifier (name or whatever other standard you decide), paste the key, and validate again.


    The identifier entered in the above screen will appear in the web page:

    QLM - License Manager with identification


    To release a seat of an individual license key

    Please read this article.

    To release seats of a concurrent license key

    We encourage to communicate to all users the principles of “good citizenship”.  If a user keeps the application opened in the background, it holds the seat, making so it that a colleague probably risks being denied access the application.  It is also important to gracefully exit the application, i.e. not just close a remote desktop session or reboot a machine with the application still open.  The application only communicates with our server to release a seat if and only if one of the following options is used:

    • Menu option File > Exit
    • Keyboard shortcut Alt+F4 (Windows) or Cmd+Q (Mac)
    • The X in the top right corner of the application window (Windows) or the red X in the top left of the window (Mac)


    If a seat is kept reserved after an “ungraceful” exit, it is easy to release it.  Simply start the application again on the machine or session of the reserved seat, then exit the application gracefully.