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    Connect to a Snowflake instance

    A Snowflake account can be hosted on any of the following cloud platforms: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure.  Each platform provides one or more regions where the account is provisioned. 


    Access to Snowflake by Hackolade and permission to perform reverse-engineering are contingent upon the following minimum setup in Snowflake:

      For example: grant usage on warehouse compute_wh to role public;

    - “SELECT” privilege for tables


    Your Snowflake administrator might have to create a read-only user for you.  Here's a good example.


    In the Hackolade connection settings dialog, give a meaningful name to the connection, choose the cloud platform, then set the host prefix.


    Snowflake Connection Settings


    Host prefixes differ may depend on the platform:

    - AWS: <account>.<region> for URL https://<account>.<region>

     except for US West accounts where the URL follows the format https://<account>

    - Google Cloud: <account>.<region>.gcp for URL https://<account>.<region>

    - Azure: <account>.<region>.azure for URL https://<account>.<region>

    or the account name provided by Snowflake, where the URL follows the format


    Optionally specify the active/current warehouse for the session.


    Different options are possible for authentication:

    - Snowflake authentication

    - Native SSO (Okta only)

    - Single Sign-On via external browser