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    MongoDB Enterprise provides support for Kerberos authentication of MongoDB clients.  Kerberos is an industry standard authentication protocol for large client/server systems. Kerberos allows MongoDB and applications to take advantage of existing authentication infrastructure and processes.


    For more info on how to setup Kerberos in MongoDB, please consult this link.


    The Kerberos parameters are maintained in Hackolade as follows:


    MongoDB Kerberos connection settings


    A Kerberos principal is a unique identity to which Kerberos can assign tickets.


    Principals can have an arbitrary number of components. Each component is separated by a component separator, generally /. The last component is the realm, separated from the rest of the principal by the realm separator, generally @.


    An example for a Kerberos Principal is: primary/instance@REALM.


    A Kerberos Service Name is the name by which a client uniquely identifies an instance of a service.


    Typically, the service name for a MongoDB instance is named mongodb. Provide another name here if your MongoDB instance was set up with a different service name.