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    Welcome page

    The Welcome page gives you a quick access to your recent models and workspace, as well as providing a direct link to the creation of a new model, plus a range of help materials.





    By default, the following items are available:

    • Common tasks
      • New model: creates a blank workspace to let you create a new model (see link Create a Model)
      • Open model: opens a standard Open dialog to let you browse for a model to open
      • Reverse-engineer a database instance or file
      • Compare and merge data models
    • Resources:
      • Help: opens the Hackolade online help
      • FAQ: opens the Hackolade online Frequently Asked Questions
      • Forums: open the Hackolade online support forums
    • Recent models: lists your most recent models. Click a model to open it
    • Recent places: Lists your most recent model directories. Click a directory to open it and find your models