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    Jira integration

    Coming soon

    We will integrate with Jira Software issue and project tracking, the # 1 software development tool used by agile teams to ship early and often.  The purpose is to foster team collaboration and reduce overhead by bringing Jira closer to your day-to-day work, while enabling just enough automation to create a seamless work experience.  Jira issues can be viewed in Hackolade, and easily referenced in new branch names, commit messages, and change requests.  This is particularly useful if your Jira installation is configured with an app link to your repository service, and if workflow triggers have been configured in Jira Software.


    The key benefits of this integration include visibility and automation.  You can automatically transition issues in Jira as work progresses in Hackolade, thanks to the referencing of the Jira issue key in branches, commits, and change requests, to keep your team aware of all the changes in your tasks. They will be able to see the details in the Jira issue development panel.



    Workgroup list Jira issues


    Workgroup Jira issue details



    Workgroup Jira issue start work