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    New features with v1.12.20:

    - fixed anomaly in Object Browser menu toggle

    - fixed check of Windows10 Registry if user has no rights

    - using getCollection instead of brackets in forward-engineering of MongoDB index for better encoding of special characters in collection names

    - better handling of internal references in JSON Schema import

    - encryption/decryption for database connections

    - added mapping of date and time string types in XSD reverse-engineering

    - suppressed extraneous warning when Saving As

    - fixed forward-engineering of MongoDB script after PostgreSQL DDL import


    New features with v1.12.19:

    - enhanced instructions in uncaught exception dialog

    - added system info in email report of uncaught exception

    - fixed exception when MongoDB view uses field with an external reference


    New features with v1.12.18:

    - enhanced handling multiple types in JSON schema validator of MongoDB

    - enhanced merging validator of MongoDB and the JSON schema from the probabilistic schema

    - added handling uncaught error on main process


    New features with v1.12.17:

    - allow offline connection to local MongoDB instance on Windows

    - changed license message for expired maintenance 

    - improved display of uncaught error details

    - better handling of foreign key relationships on reference definitions

    - fixed behavior of external definitions when references or fields containing references are deleted

    - fixed copying of external references


    New features with v1.12.16:

    - enhanced reverse-engineering of extremely large documents

    - added parsing of DDL table comments

    - fixed parsing of MySQL DDL composite foreign keys

    - added filters for some extraneous DDL fields


    New features with v1.12.15:

    - better handling of update download when expired or no maintenance


    New features with v1.12.14:

    - fixed handling of MongoDB collection options during reverse-engineering

    - fixed handling of DynamoDB indexes during reverse-engineering


    New features with v1.12.13:

    - enhanced MongoDB connections to support MONGODB-CR credentials for older versions (deprecated with v3.6)

    - fined-tuned parsing of MongoDB Atlas URI to suppress test database

    - added conversion of internal definition to attributes when pasting into a model definition

    - added Tools> Options > Documentation parameter to limit number of attribute hierarchical schema views with large models for documentation generation performance

    - prevented JSON Schema "id" attribute from being boolean


    New features with v1.12.12:

    - set default to 'Maintain field order' when reverse-engineering

    - fixed license check for AWS Marketplace Workspaces

    - fixed Bluebird module issue for Elasticsearch mappings preview

    - fixed rare issue with UUID generation not accessible


    New features with v1.12.11:

    - GDPR privacy policy consent

    - plugin for MarkLogic for data modeling only: No forward- or reverse-engineering yet

    - preserve field order during reverse-engineering of JSON file


    New features with v1.12.10:

    - optimized performance of Object Browser search

    - encoded collection names in MongoDB index script when using restricted characters 

    - better handling of attribute type in documentation when set to multiple scalar types

    - fixed documentation handling of MongoDB indexes depending on collation flag

    - not displaying unselected sections in documentation

    - better tolerance in reverse-engineering of JSON Schema for ordering of fields and missing properties of choices

    - handling of v2 upgrade licensing


    New features with v1.12.9:

    - Elasticsearch: added properties number of shards, number of replicas, alias, and dynamic in Properties Pane, forward- and reverse-engineering

    - moved installation of node modules in plugin reverse-engineering to plugin installation

    - new user parameter to reduce documentation length by filtering attribute hierarchical schema view

    - added collapsible table of content pane in HTML documentation

    - fixed link generation in HTML documentation for some large models

    - 50% performance improvement in documentation generation

    - added toggle in JSON Schema preview for standard vs extended (internal) JSON Schema

    - added storageEngine property to collection creation script in MongoDB

    - fixed creation of new connection settings in DynamoDB

    - change default of pattern fields to "^[a-zA-Z0-9_.-]+$" throughout (plugins require installation of update)

    - fixed complex data type for some targets when referencing external definition


    New features with v1.12.8:

    - parsing of auth source from MongoDB Atlas and mlab URI

    - fixes case of empty Object Browser at startup after first install

    - persistence of unique array items in MongoDB


    New features with v1.12.7:

    - forward- and reverse-engineering for Elasticsearch and HBase

    - reverse-engineering of JSON file takes multiple documents into account

    - added date and time as JSON Schema string formats -- not in draft v4 but tolerated by validators then introduced in v6

    - fixed forward-engineering of JSON document when same name for model, group, and document

    - filter some extraneous properties in forward-engineering if false

    - performance improvements in Object Browser for large models by use of virtual lists

    - support of AWS Workspaces for Desktop Applications


    New features with v1.12.6:

    - ERD display of field subtype when present instead of field type

    - fine-tuning reverse-engineering of XSDs in case of substitutionGroup 

    - fixed handling of embedded array items in CLI model comparison


    New features with v1.12.5:

    - skipped


    New features with v1.12.4:

    - reverse-engineering of XSD to import models from erwin, ER/Studio, PowerDesigner, and others

    - improved documentation generation performance

    - possibility to print diagram to PNG

    - display of nested fields in MongoDB views pipeline

    - enhanced handling of model opening when corresponding plugin is absent

    - ability to handle multiple oneOfs in reverse-engineering of JSON Schema 

    - fixed handling of multiple types with Null and sub-docs

    - ability to handle probabilistic schema for large sets of documents 


    New features with v1.12.3:

    - user-defined parameter for Couchbase reverse-engineering pagination

    - display field subtypes in ERD

    - display progress details during Couchbase reverse-engineering


    New features with v1.12.2:

    - allow A0, A1, A2, Ledger formats in Print Diagram 

    - more accurate entity box resizing in ERD after reverse-engineering

    - allow reverse-engineering of MongoDB NULL type fields

    - allow opening of model file corrupted with a prior version

    - workaround for Couchbase error: "An unknown N1QL error occured. This is usually related to an out-of-memory condition"


    New features with v1.12.1:

    - reverse-engineering of PostgreSQL DDLs

    - improved reverse-engineering of Oracle DDLs for processing of alternate syntax

    - increased logging for reverse-engineering process


    New features with v1.12.0:

    - plugins for Google RealTime Firebase and Google Cloud Firestore for data modeling only: NO forward- or reverse-engineering yet

    - enhanced support for MongoDB v3.6, including generation of $jsonschema validator, plus reverse-engineering of $jsonschema validator when present

    - added MongoDB Replica set and Sharded cluster connection type, including choice of Read Preference

    - added MongoDB X.509 authentication protocol

    - fixed conversion of probabilistic schema inference when multiple simple types


    New features with v1.11.1:

    - fixed mishandling in CLI compMod when combination of --ignoreGUIDs and array items with no name

    - fixed when creating a MongoDB index key on a field that is part of the reference to a definition

    - fixed when deleting a field that is also a MongoDB index key


    New features with v1.11.0:

    - complete tech refresh of dependent libraries

    - performance improvements in UI navigation

    - possibility to view and maintain attributes' properties pane from within ERD

    - map DynamoDB field types to JSON Schema compatible types during JSON Schema forward-engineering


    New features with v1.10.4:

    - removed filter of default Couchbase bucket 

    - fine-tuning Cassandra plugin

    - fixed encoding of regex expression in MongoDB validator script


    New features with v1.10.3:

    - updated Couchbase reverse-engineering connection


    New features with v1.10.2:

    - fixed message when releasing floating license

    - fixed issue with registration on new instances


    New features with v1.10.1:

    - offline license validation in case of no internet connection

    - reverse-engineering of DB2 DDLs

    - batch forward-engineering of JSON documents and JSON Schema with selection dialog

    - fixed bug of disappearing Object browser pane

    - fixed JSON Schema validation of MongoDB data types in Cosmos DB

    - minor adjustments in Elastisearch and Cassandra plugins


    New features with v1.10.0:

    - support for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB with MongoDB API

    - latest version of the Cosmos DB DocumentDB SDK version

    - next command in Command Line Interface: model comparison with option merge

    - enhanced toolbar to combine alignment icons and add reverse-engineering icon

    - plugins for Elasticsearch and Apache HBase for data modeling only: no forward- or reverse-engineering yet!!


    New features with v1.9.3:

    - enhanced DDL reverse-engineering to deal with optional syntax

    - fixed pasting objects into arrays and sets


    New features with v1.9.2:

    - fixed Object Browser issue with object type in JSON target

    - removed unnecessary properties in JSON integer data type

    - added Comments property column to documentation

    - close application when downloading update


    New features with v1.9.1:

    - proper handling of MongoDB indexing for deeply nested fields

    - handling of Cosmos DB reverse-engineering when multiple databases in same Azure Account ID

    - Command-Line Interface enabled for Cosmos DB


    New features with v1.9.0:

    - support for Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB with DocumentDB API

    - handling for MongoDB indexing of nested fields


    New features with v1.8.6:

    - fixed installer issue with some anti-virus programs

    - fixed duplicate browser objects in some DynamoDB models

    - fixed font size in documentation ERD for some wide models


    New features with v1.8.5:

    - allow polymorphism in reverse-engineering in case of arrays embedded in arrays

    - allow more than 100 tables in DynamoDB reverse-engineering

    - allow documentation generation when Model ER diagram option is OFF

    - allow up to 100k document in sampling via Command-Line Interface reverse-engineering

    - better handling in MongoDB collation strength 

    - allow spaces in directory names for default file path

    - removed duplicate tables in DynamoDB Object Browser


    New features with v1.8.4:

    - reading of persistent schema

    - tooltip for drag-and-drop relationship creation for definitions

    - more improvements for handling of reference definitions


    New features with v1.8.3:

    - improved handling of reference definitions

    - improved handling of 2-way referencing in denormalization

    - more accurate numeric type handling in DDL reverse-enginerring in case of JSON target

    - proper rendering of changed custom attributes for JSON and native DB targets


    New features with v1.8.2:

    - documentation generation for attributes referencing definitions

    - CR/LF in forward-engineering of JSON document and JSON Schema on Windows platform

    - defect fix in node-ipc module log


    New features with v1.8.1:

    - enabled reverse-engineering of DDLs for plain JSON target

    - moved reverse-engineering from front-end to back-end to allow larger sampling size

    - relaxed sampling size for Command-Line Interface reverse-engineering to 100k documents

    - several new filtering options to configure/trim down documentation


    New features with v1.8.0:

    - Command Line Interface with: generation of documentation, and reverse-engineering. (comparison of models due in subsequent release)

    - user-defined custom properties for MongoDB, DynamoDB, and Couchbase objects via plugin

    - improved document kind field proposals for Couchbase without N1QL service


    New features with v1.7.2:

    - improved handling of bucket authentication via REST API for Couchbase 4.x

    - reverse-engineering of Mongoose schemas in plain JSON, plus handling of keywords "required" and "default"

    - improved handling of "required" property in forward-engineering of MongoDB scripts


    New features with v1.7.1:

    - fixed several minor anomalies


    New features with v1.7.0:

    - introduction of affordable Personal edition

    - copy/paste between multiple instances of Hackolade

    - ability to perform joins with $lookup in MongoDB read-only views


    New features with v1.6.2:

    - Fall back to all documents when Couchbase localRandomKey fails

    - Fixed licensing release when multiple consecutive trial keys


    New features with v1.6.1:

    - URI encoding of Couchbase non-N1QL REST call for Reverse-Engineering

    - new layout Software Registration


    New features with v1.6.0:

    - plugin extensions for additional database targets (no reverse-engineering yet - coming soon)

    - references to other Hackolade models via external definitions

    - reverse-engineering of Couchbase 3.x and other instances not running N1QL service

    - support for Couchbase 5.x security

    - significant performance improvements in ERD 


    New features with v1.5.3:

    - Improved handling of collapsed nodes in hierarchical schema and Couchbase ramQuota

    - Display of password-protected Couchbase buckets in document selection dialog of Reverse-Engineering


    New features with v1.5.2:

    - Reverse-Engineering from MongoDB secondary (does not include validator rules as they are not replicated by MongoDB to secondaries)


    New features with v1.5.1:

    - fine-tuned Couchbase authentication

    - enhanced processing of MongoDB DBRefs when combined with other field types


    New features with v1.5.0:

    - MongoDB v3.4: read-only views (single collection only -- reference to multiple collections is coming soon), collation, improved indexing, sharding

    - connection to MongoDB Atlas

    - move fields via drag-and-drop in hierarchical schema view (only at same level with this release -- more flexibility to come later)


    New features with v1.4.2:

    - fixed installer issue with some anti-virus programs


    New features with v1.4.1:

    - drag-and-drop attributes in collection hierarchical schema view

    - undo/redo with Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Y


    New features with v1.4.0:

    - support for Couchbase Server and Mobile, including specific terminology, forward-engineering scripts (Ottoman ODM) and reverse-engineering protocol for both local and hosted instances

    - MongoDB: possibility to maintain multiple databases in same model, and define different groups of collections

    - DynamoDB: possibility to maintain multiple regions in same model, and define different groups of tables

    - JSON: possibility to maintain multiple groups in same model 


    New features with v1.3.2:

    - auto-detect type when opening a JSON file: JSON document, JSON Schema, or Hackolade model.  The first 2 trigger reverse-engineering.

    - display error details when opening an invalid Hackolade model file

    - application overview presentation at startup

    - OS-specific shortcut keys


    New features with v1.3.1:

    - fix for licensing server change


    New features with v1.3.0:

    - library of re-usable definitions

    - reverse-engineering of MS SQL Server DDL

    - documentation logo personalization


    New features with v1.2.5:

    - additional controls for database/collection selection in Reverse-Engineering and documentation

    - refinements when using MongoDB validator in Reverse-Engineering

    - better use of field attributes and constraints in auto-generation of JSON samples


    New features with v1.2.4:

    - support for concurrent licensing


    New features with v1.2.3:

    - in contextual menu, ability to pick from list of previously created fields

    - fix for suggest denormalization


    New features with v1.2.2:

    - ability to import model and fields info from an Excel template

    - ability to create relationships with drag-and-drop

    - button to add timestamp to comments

    - leverage validator info in db.getCollectionInfos() during reverse-engineering (MongoDB v3.2+)

    - DynamoDB: support for composite fields in GSI primary key


    New features with v1.2.1:

    - support for MongoDB DRBrefs at model creation, and during reverse-engineering

    - detection of version of MongoDB during reverse-engineering

    - possibility to edit field name and type in field box of hierarchical schema view

    - possibility to (de)select objects in documentation generation


    New features with v1.2.0:

    - support for Amazon DynamoDB, including specific terminology, forward-engineering scripts and reverse-engineering protocol for both local and hosted instances

    - possibility to select objects to be included in documentation


    New features with v1.1.3:

    - more precise logging for reverse-engineering and license registration processes

    - improved reverse-engineering of multi-type fields when combining scalar and complex types


    New features with v1.1.2:

    - SSH connection to MongoDB instances (for example at cloud locations)

    - definition of composite indexes and forward-engineering of indexes

    - 2-way referencing in denormalization assistance

    - ERD collection box color-coding

    - extended host connection string format to directly access specific db


    New features with v1.1.1:

    - re-architecture to allow multiple 'targets', and support DB vendors other than just MongoDB

    - support for plain JSON, with pure JSON Schema draft v4 validation

    - collection hierarchical schema diagrams in HTML documentation can now be zoomed in when opened in separate browser tab


    New features with v1.0.12:

    - Fixed licensing issues for first-time users


    New features with v1.0.11:

    - Reverse-Engineering of MySQL Data Definition Language files

    - orthogonal distribution of ERD shapes

    - contextual menu in Object Browser


    New features with v1.0.10:

    - fine-tuning of DDL reverse-engineering and denormalization


    New features with v1.0.9:

    - Reverse-Engineering of Data Definition Language (DDL file from Oracle RDBMS)

    - Suggestion of denormalization


    New features with v1.0.8:

    - logging of Reverse-Engineering process steps

    - increased usability of relationship deletions and opening of collections


    New features with v1.0.7:

    - Kerberos connection to MongoDB

    - Tools > Compare Models

    - HTML documentation

    - fixed PDF header and footer issues

    - many reports improvements

    - progress dialog in Reverse-Engineering of MongoDB


    New features with v1.0.6:

    - field order in reverse-engineering > JSON Document, JSON Schema, and Mongoose schema

    - fixed several minor cosmetic issues


    New features with v1.0.5:

    - LDAP authentication

    - Tools > Options for user parameters

    - field order in reverse-engineering > MongoDB Collections

    - capped collection parameters for db.createCollection script


    New features with v1.0.4:

    - licensing: replaced MAC address with UUID for more stable desktop identification

    - added X.509 TLS/SSL connection to MongoDB, with options:

    -- none: do not use SSL for anything

    -- unvalidated: use SSL but do not perform any validation of the certificate chain

    -- server: the driver should validate the server certificate and fail to connect if validation fails

    -- all: the driver must present a valid certificate and validate the server certificate.


    New features with v1.0.3:

    - authentication to local and remote instances of MongoDB (without SSL, LDAP, Kerberos, X.509, or SSH)

    - fixed relationships in copy/paste of fields

    - added validationLevel and validationAction to MongoDB validator script


    New features with v1.0.2:

    - forward-engineering > Mongoose schema

    - fixed documentation generation on Mac

    - finished documentation formatting

    - diagram print preview

    - letter and tabloid formats in diagram printing

    - lots of other improvements