To connect Hackolade to MongoDB Atlas, you will need:

  • MongoDB User and Password. The connection details use the MongoDB administration user and password set up for the group. To connect with a different MongoDB user, replace the user name and password in the connection details.
  • The MongoDB URI for the hosts and ports for a replica set or the hostname for the mongos for a sharded cluster.

Even if the user is set up for two-factor authentication (2FA), the connection to your MongoDB Atlas instance with Hackolade does not require 2FA.

Click Connect, then Connect with MongoDB Compass:

Then click the Copy button:

so it can be pasted in Hackolade:

In Hackolade Connection Settings, click on From URI or SRV and paste the URI info copied to the clipboard:

You may choose the Read Preference from the list:

Don't forget, in the Authentication tab, to replace <password> with your real Atlas user password.

In the SSL tab, make sure thatthe option System CA / Atlas Deployment was selected:

You may test if you wish, then save and connect.