The Microsoft Azure cloud-based service provides support for Hive in the HDInsight.  The HDInsight resource is controlled by the Ambari interface.  It is used to adjust the Azure HDInsight configuration.

1) Using Plain SASL authentication type

Go to the Hive section, open the "Configs" tab then the "Advanced" tab. There user can find the option "hive.server2.thrift.http.path". The default value must be changed from "/", to "/hive2".

Select the authentication type: None (Plain SASL):

Then transport mode http with the HTTP path corresponding to the default value set in HDInsight > Configs > Advanced

Finally, set SSL type to HTTPs:

2) Using LDAP

Select the authentication type: LDAP

Then select the transport mode corresponding to your HDInsight setup: "binary" of "http".If "http",