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    Download additional target plugins

    Download and enable plugin

    To enable the custom properties capability, you first need to download a plugin for each database target for which you wish to add properties.  To do so, go to Help >  Plugin Manager


    Plugin Manager menu new



    You may choose which plugin to install on your computer.

    Plugin - manager available custom props


    This will result in the plugin appearing in the Installed tab of the plugin manager.

    Plugin - Manager installed custom props




    Are you experiencing issues with plugin download?

    Do you have your network proxy set correctly?  See more details here.


    There is an alternative: you may download the plugin from our GitHub repo, then go to the plugin of your choice, and click on Clone or download then Download ZIP.

    GitHub Plugin Download


    Then to install, go to Help > Plugin Manager and click the button Install from Zip.


    Plugin Manager - Install from zip



    You get the message "Hackolade Studio doesn't have enough rights to install a plugin..."

    While you, as a user may have the rights to the folder where plugins are installed, it is possible that some environments limit the rights of our application.  It can be a virtualization or sandboxing setup or most likely an anti-virus software.  

    Plugins - Virus Threat Protection error


    If your anti-virus is Windows Defender, you, or your IT department, can create an exclusion in Windows Defender. Follow these steps:

    Open Windows Security:

    - Press the Windows key + I to open Settings.

    - Select "Privacy & Security."

    - Click on "Windows Security" in the left sidebar.


    Access Virus & Threat Protection Settings:

    - In the Windows Security window, click on "Virus & threat protection."




    Manage Settings:

    - Under the "Virus & threat protection settings" section, click on "Manage settings."


    Plugins Windows Defender Manage settings



    Add or Remove Exclusions:

    - Scroll down to the bottom, to the "Exclusions" section.

    - Click on "Add or remove exclusions."


    Plugins Windows Defender add exclusion


    Add a Folder Exclusion:

    - Click on "Add an exclusion."

    - Choose "Folder" from the drop-down menu.


    If you get the message that you don't have the permission to create this exclusion, you will need for your IT Security team to access your machine and allow this operation.  Or ask them to perform it for you.





    Specify the Folder Path:

    - Navigate to the folder C:\Users\%username%\.hackolade and select it.

    Plugins Windows Defender add folder path


    Save Changes:

    - Save your changes.

    This exclusion tells Windows Defender not to scan or interfere with files and processes within the specified folder. Hackolade Studio should now have the necessary WRITE or EXECUTE permissions in the specified directory.

    Remember to replace %username% in the folder path with the actual username. After making these changes, the application should be able to operate in the specified directory without being blocked by Windows Defender.


    Plugin Manager options for an installed plugin

    In the Installed tab of the Plugin Manager, you may see multiple buttons:

    Plugin Manager Installed tab - buttons


    Remove: this button deletes the plugin from your machine

    Disable: this button keeps the plugin on your machine but turns it OFF, so it no longer appears in the targets available to create models.

    Migrate:  this has to do with customizations you may have made to this plugin.  The whole thing is documented in this page. If you don't have customizations dating prior to v3.6.2, you may probably ignore.  But it is safer to first migrate just in case, then update to the latest version of the plugin.