From PowerDesigner

If you have data models in PowerDesigner and want to leverage them in Hackolade Studio, you need to fist export them to XSD, following the instructions below.  You should first consult this page for an overview of the import functionality in Hackolade Studio.


If the XSD does not contain primary key and foreign key constraints, this reverse-engineering process cannot import them, but it is still possible to use the functionality to Infer PKs & FKs.


From PowerDesigner, the process is as follows:


1. go to Tools > Generate > XML Models or  Ctrl + Shift + M


PowerDesigner - Export to XML General



2. In the Details tab, select the following options:




3. [optional] Click the Target Models tab and specify the target models for any generated shortcuts.


4. [optional] Click the Selection tab and select objects to generate.


5. Click OK to begin generation.


6. Go to Hackolade: Tools > Reverse-Engineer > XSD Schema and select previously generated file



You may refer to the following pages for more information: 


To generate the XML model with configuration so primary keys and foreign key relationships:



After the successful export of your model to XSD, use the instructions in this page to import the XSD into a Hackolade Studio model for the target of your choice.