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    Bitbucket Cloud

    The information below applies to repositories hosted on Bitbucket Cloud. It explains how to grant Hackolade Studio access to your Bitbucket account, which is a pre-requisite for using the features "submit for review" and "review change requests".


    App passwords

    In the repository connection manager, you first need to provide your Bitbucket username (it is displayed on your Bitbucket profile). Note that using your email address as username does NOT work.


    Workgroup - manage hub connections - Bitbucket Cloud


    You must provide an app password, which is a complex password generated by Bitbucket Cloud.  Click on the "generate" link located to the right of the input field to navigate to the app password creation form. Give a meaningful name to your new app password - e.g. "Hackolade Studio" - and select the permissions "Account:Read" and "Pull requests:Write".


    Workgroup - Bitbucket Cloud personal token


    Click on the "Create" button and copy-paste the generated password in Hackolade Studio. As a last step, click on "Connect" in Hackolade Studio and you are all set!

    You can find more information about app passwords in the Bitbucket Cloud documentation.


    Remarks: To be able to retrieve the list of eligible reviewers for a pull request, you must belong to a user group. If you cannot get access to that list in Hackolade, contact your Bitbucket administrator and ask to be added to a user group.


    You may get the error message below if you didn't set a valid app password.  It can also indicate that your app password has been revoked, or that it does not grant enough permissions to Hackolade Studio.


    Workgroup - Bitbucket Cloud token error


    If you see this message, please follow the instructions above.