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    Connect to an Elasticsearch instance

    From version 5.0 onward, Shield is part of X-Pack.  For more information, see Securing Elasticsearch in the X-Pack Reference.  Hackolade currently supports basic authentication (username/password) and SSL.  Other authentication methods, such as LDAP, PKI, and User Directory Authentication are not supported yet.


    The Connection Settings dialog lets define the parameters in different tabs, as needed:

    Elasticsearch - connection settings

    These parameters are assembled by Hackolade to create the full connection string when establishing the connection during the Reverse-Engineering process.


    Enter the required username and password:

    Elasticsearch - authentication


    Authority Certificate

    For production use, your Elasticsearch deployment should use valid certificates generated and signed by a single certificate authority. You or your organization can generate and maintain an independent certificate authority, or use certificates generated by a third-party SSL vendor.


    To verify the identity of the Elasticsearch deployment you connect to, provide one or more certificates of trusted Certificate Authorities.


    Typical file extensions for the certificate are .crt or .pem.

    Elasticsearch - SSL