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    DataStax Astra (previously called Apollo) is a cloud-native DataBase-as-a-Service built on the DataStax distribution of Cassandra.  DataStax is a cloud data platform with smart data management services to reduce operational complexity of Cassandra clusters.  The Astra service is available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.


    Download a secure connect bundle

    In the Astra console, select the database to which you would like to connect with Hackolade.  Click on the Connect tab and select a driver, e.g. Node.js then click on the Download Bundle button 


    DataStax Astra console - connect



    In the Hackolade connection settings, choose the Installation option "DataStax Astra", then choose the downloaded secure-connect-<database name>.zip file for the bundle.


    DataStax Astra connection settings



    There are two ways to authenticate:

    Authenticate with username and password

    You must manually enter your username and password in the Authentication tab, as they are not part of the secure bundle:


    Cassandra authentication


    Authenticate with an authorization token

    To obtain a token in the Astra console, go to the Settings tab then click on the Organization settings link under Application tokens.  In the token management page, select a role with sufficient rights so Hackolade can performer reverse-engineering and optionally forward-engineering, then click on the Generate Token button.


    DataStax Astra console - token request


    In the resulting screen, make sure to download the CSV:


    DataStax Astra - token request result


    In the Hackolade Authentication tab, select the token-based type, and paste the token from either the Astra screen or from the CSV file:


    Cassandra connection auth token