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    Connect to a Db2 instance

    The IBM Db2 instance can be hosted on-premises, or on virtualized machines in a private or public cloud.  


    In the Hackolade connection settings dialog, give a meaningful name to the connection, then set the the host and port if you wish to limit the scope of the discovery.


    Db2 connection settings



    Important: when reverse-engineering or forward-engineering a Teradata instance, Hackolade is leveraging the IBM Db2 Java client.  You will need a working and properly configured Java environment (minimum JRE 8).  Hackolade tries to autodetect JAVA_HOME on your system but you can still configure it manually if your installation is specific (or if our automatic detection can’t find JAVA_HOME).


    Db2 advanced settings Java binary path



    If required, you may enter your username and password


    Db2 connection settings auth