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    From erwin

    If you have data models in erwin and want to leverage them in Hackolade Studio, you need to fist export them to XSD, following the instructions below.  You should first consult this page for an overview of the import functionality in Hackolade Studio.


    By default ERwin does not export primary key and foreign key constraints.  If the XSD does not contain this information, this reverse-engineering process cannot import them, but it is still possible to use the functionality to Infer PKs & FKs.


    It is suggested to use the parameters below when exporting models to XSD, 

    - if from a physical model:

    ERwin XSD export parameters - physical


    - if from a logical model:



    After the successful export of your model to XSD, use the instructions in this page to import the XSD into a Hackolade Studio model for the target of your choice.